Heroes Reborn: Chapter 13


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter 13: Project Reborn


“Where does it come from? This quest, this need to solve life’s mysteries when the simplest of questions can never be answered. Why are we here?…”


As I watched last week’s finale of “Heroes Reborn”, I couldn’t help but remember the above lines,  spoken by Mohinder Suresh all the way back in 2006 when the “Heroes” series first began.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t because I was filled with a sense of nostalgia for what once was a new and interesting series and feeling fulfilled as a fan, it was because I was filled with frustration at the lack of answers to the simplest questions and actually wondering why, in fact, I was there at all.


Yes, folks, “Heroes Reborn” has come to an end, and it wasn’t pretty.  For a show that started with such potential and excitement and had such a stellar cast, the end was a huge bummer- hardly any characters got satisfying conclusions (if they got a conclusion at all), and we were left wondering why we should care about the next part of the story when, not only has it been confirmed that “Heroes Reborn” will not be back next year, but when the show failed to pull through in the end for both old and new fans alike.


I mentioned in my last recap that I was disappointed in the plot decisions that were made in the penultimate episode, “The Company Woman”, particularly with Erica’s character and Joanne’s sendoff.  I had hoped that it was just a fluke and that the finale would make it right, delivering an edge-of-your-seat showdown with the evo’s and the solar flares that would exceed my already lowered expectations in every way possible.  But, apparently, my disappointment from last week should’ve just been a warning sign for what was to come.


Let’s start with Carlos, Farah, José, and Micah, since the end of their story was fairly simple: after Farah saved Malina by taking Joanne’s bullet for her, the group went straight to a hospital to try and save her.  Thankfully, Farah was saved by José finally revealing his powers and removing the bullet in her abdomen, while Carlos just so happened to have some medical training handy that was never mentioned before.  A ton of people show up at the hospital, needing help, so they just… stay there.  Seriously, that’s it.


Next, there Luke, the character whom I previously thought had been given the most defined arc of the series- his journey to redemption.  Unfortunately, even though he had been fulfilling his purpose as Malina’s protector pretty freakin’ well if you ask me, as soon as the first solar flare shows up, he basically shoved Malina and Quentin into a closet and went to face the thing himself.  Suddenly, he was able to fly, and he… I don’t know, absorbed the flare and exploded?  Blasted it back with his own flare? The world may never know.




But then there’s Quentin, who took over Luke’s job of protecting Malina and IMMEDIATELY failed, since his sister, Phoebe, was hanging around and still trying to kill her.  Ultimately, Quentin was forced to shoot Phoebe, and then she fell off of a tower and died.  I’ll be honest, this was maybe the ONE satisfying character ending of the finale, but even this fell flat (ba-dum ching!)- sorry, but when Quentin’s “death” mid-season was probably one of the most emotional moments of the season and you erase it with time travel, you better have an even better conclusion to the arc between him and his sister.


As for Ren, he continued his search for Hachiro Otomo with Emily, which ultimately ended up with him going back into Evernow to see video-game Miko one last time so they could battle their way to the Eternal Fortress to free Tommy.  Oh, he ALSO meets “real” Miko, during his travels through Renautas with Emily, but of course, she has no clue who he is.  And Ren’s little face is so sad!


But let’s get to the two main characters of this battle against the H.E.L.E- Malina and Tommy.  Malina, the poor thing, basically spent the entire episode trying to stop the second flare all by herself.



Tommy, meanwhile, while stuck in the Eternal Fortress, is used to transport all of the people Erica chose to the future.  So her plan works, essentially.  Afterwards, he’s approached by… himself.  Because as the NEW “Master of Time and Space”, he’s able to be in two places at once.  But how did he even figure out that skill?  Oh, because time is a circle and works differently in the Eternal Fortress, so Tommy’s erased memories are there for him to remember again AND he’s able to practice his skills for “an eternity”.   So when Ren releases him, he’s able to freeze time so Erica doesn’t shoot and kill anybody and simultaneously try and stop the HELE with Malina.  Convenient, right?  The problem is, Tommy and Malina’s powers don’t DO anything when they join hands.  So Tommy goes back in time again to when he and Malina were secretly put together in that old children’s room at Primatech by Angela Petrelli, to test their powers, and surprise! They need a conduit.


And with that, Tommy grabs HRG back from the fall finale.  That’s right! FINALLY, we get HRG back… only for him to be the ONLY ONE who can be the conduit for the twins, so he sacrifices himself to save the world.  The second solar flare is destroyed while Tommy simultaneously brings everyone that had been transported to the future BACK to the present, save Erica (who basically ceases to be since the future gets erased when they’re able to stop the solar flare), and HRG dies.  THE END.


BUT WAIT.  THERE’S MORE!  Tommy and Malina, separated AGAIN for reasons I don’t understand, are living semi-normal lives in high school when they receive mysterious tarot cards depicting twins and death and stuff.  Malina questions Angela about it, and apparently the cards mean that Tommy and Malina’s father is coming to get them, and no one can protect them from him (probably because Luke is dead.  Problematic.)…


And that’s it! The credits roll and “Heroes Reborn” comes to an end.  We’re shown that Quentin is in prison and being interrogated about evo’s (apparently it doesn’t make sense that a group of people would save the world and not ask for anything in return, even though that happens EVERY DAY AND ALL THE TIME, thanks to soldiers and doctors and scientists, etc.), Carlos and Farah are fighting crime in LA, Miko and Ren are taking martial arts classes together, and everyone else is dead.  But does anyone REALLY die in the “Heroes” universe?  Well, yes, but only when the actor who played the character won’t come back to guest star.


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  • Okay, I’m PRETTY sure that people aren’t just, like, automatically better when bullets are pulled out of them.  Like, Farah DEFINITELY should’ve needed some stitches.
  • How the EFF did Quentin know about the satellite debris????  Like he’s obviously a nerd, but like… come on.  And why was it ALL falling squarely on Odessa?
  • So WHY was Phoebe so evil? It’s one thing to believe Erica’s crap, but like… why did she turn into emo Hot Topic?
  • So, even though Malina saved him from his first suicide attempt, I can’t help but see Luke’s death as… well, a successful suicide attempt. Yes, there’s some redemption there- after killing so many, he saves many more.  But… well, see below on further thoughts on that.
  • What happened to Taylor?
  • I still want that toy dinosaur.
  • Clearly, Tommy and Malina DIDN’T have to be separated because he would’ve absorbed her power, since Angela brought them together when they were a little older.  So… why didn’t they just put a hit out on Erica?  Like, it kind of seems like HRG’s plan to shoot her before everything happened would’ve worked?
  • Okay, so Angela thought her grandkids were dying while trying to test their powers and had SOMEONE ELSE pull them apart?  Come on now.
  • I feel like “Heroes Reborn” tried to pull off “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” conversation and they just couldn’t get up to Doctor Who level.  Am I right, Whovians?
  • I am so upset that Quentin ended up in jail.  And we didn’t get one last bit of Quentin and HRG together, since they were some of the best scenes of the series.
  • I totally think that Tommy should’ve made Erica the conduit, for three reasons: 1) she’s talked about sacrifice the ENTIRE series, so she should’ve been forced to be the one to make one, 2) for those arguing that she wouldn’t have done it willingly and it would’ve been murder- Tommy essentially signed her death certificate by slicing off her bracelet, so she died anyway, 3) Going back to Angela saying there was a “faceless” person in her vision: it makes NO sense that HRG would’ve been faceless.   None.  Really, in that respect, I feel like it should’ve been Luke as the conduit because it would’ve been a more powerful moment for him (AND he would’ve been able to apologize to Tommy, like he wanted to.  And if he is able to absorb things, then maybe he wouldn’t have even died being the conduit).  But Erica would’ve worked, too.  Yeah, I know he “tried a thousand times” to pick someone else, but that’s just not believable to me.
  • If you really want to know who the twins’ dad is, check out the Heroes ebook “Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World”.  You don’t learn much, but you DO find out his identity.


And thus, our time together has come to an end.  It’s a bummer for me that the series ended on such a disappointing note; truly, it had so much potential when it premiered.  I do, also, want to make it clear that I don’t think any of the fault lies with the cast and their performances, because I think they all did a phenomenal job with what they were given.  For me, everything just sort of fell apart in the last two episodes.  Was it a product of too many characters and not enough time?  Will we find more satisfying resolutions in future comics or other media?  Maybe, but “Heroes Reborn” should’ve been able to stand on its own, particularly when it was facing so much more competition in this era of basically ALL of the superhero TV shows.


Anyway, thanks for reading these recaps and taking the journey with me- it’s been an honor and a privilege to write them.  For one last time, let us know how you felt about the finale in the comments below!


  1. anjanetteJanuary 25th, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    I like your thought about Luke being the conduit. That scenario has the potential to make me an emotional wreck. Might have made it all worthwhile.

  2. Jake BoboJanuary 26th, 2016 at 9:38 am

    Yup that about sums it up. I was so very excited for this show when it started, the first season of Heroes sits easily in my favorite television viewing experiences and before the winter break Reborn was living up to the memory. I was geeked after every episode. Unfortunately, the final three episodes made the same mistakes that the original series ended up making. Tons of interesting mystery and characters, no resolution or development. It’s like everybody in the writers room just got bored and went home after episode 5. Enjoyed reading your reviews. Thanks for taking the time even if it got rough at the end.

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