Heroes Reborn: Chapter 12


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter Twelve: Company Woman


Well… that happened.


I’ll be honest, “Heroes” fans- this episode was a tough one for me to recap, which is the reason why this is being posted so much later than normal.  I mean, apart from the actual episode itself, we also learned this week that the show won’t be returning for a second installment (which I didn’t even think was on the TABLE unless it was basically the biggest smash in television history), which definitely puts pressure on tying up all of the story lines in these final episodes.  Pressure that I’m not sure it’ll live up to, particularly after this one.


And there’s the main issue: I didn’t like “Company Woman”.  It was deeply underwhelming and, at times, downright offensive.  I hate to admit it, because it’s a huge bummer for a show with such talent and promise to end on such a bad note, but it’s the truth.  Sure, we still have the finale left and I’m still hoping it punches me in the face with its awesomeness, but this week’s mess of an episode doesn’t give me much hope.  Nevertheless, let’s go over the damage.


We begin where “Send in the Clones” ended: everyone is headed to Odessa for the big showdown.  Tommy is still playing nice with Erica despite Micah’s leaked video and Emily’s warnings against it.  We finally see his power in action with the bracelets and the Gateway to the future- he begins to transport the first people to safety.  With Tommy kept busy being the Master of Time and Space, Erica has time to go back to her office, just in time for Matt Parkman to barge in, holding Taylor at gunpoint.




He demands that Erica give up the bracelets he needs to get him and his family transported to the future.  Oh, and of course, he also lets slip that Taylor’s pregnant with Francis’ baby.  As soon as Erica hears that, she gives Matt the bracelets.  He hightails it out of there… only to crash his car into a riverbank on the way to his family and seemingly go super-nutso as the bracelets wash away down the river while he’s helplessly trapped in his car.  I’ll be honest: crazy super-villain Matt Parkman would’ve been an interesting hook for a possible series two, but I digress.  Back at Renautas, Erica tries to patch things up with her daughter, but it’s too late.  Taylor finds out that Francis is already dead, and refuses to join her mother in the future, choosing to die instead.  Ouch.


Meanwhile, in Erica’s absence, Tommy overhears the company (and Erica’s) REAL plan: not saving EVERYONE, but only the lucky few that were deemed worthy.  He teleports away, grabbing his mom in the nick of time (thanks to conveniently remembering how to STOP time) and taking her to safety in the future.  He’s close to giving up and just going along with Erica’s plan just to be able to save SOME people, but his mom gives him the ultimate pep talk and tells him to have faith in himself (I like her).  So he sets off to find his sister, while his mom hides from Renautas in Odessa.


But good news, everyone: REN’S BACK! And not only that, but it seem that Hachiro has hooked him up with a lucky bracelet, so he’s able to get into Renautas’ facilities and form the most adorable pair on this side of the apocalypse: Ren and Emily powers, activate!  The two realize they’re looking for the same person: Tommy, the Master of Time and Space, and infiltrate Renautas to find him.


And then we have, well, everyone else.  Luke, Malina, Quentin, and Phoebe make it to Odessa, but when they’re delayed by a roadway evo check, Luke decides to take Phoebe and Quentin out into the woods and… kill them, I guess? But Phoebe escapes, and though Quentin is given a chance to kill Luke, he decides to join them instead.  The trio end up at-surprise!- Union Wells High School, AKA Claire Bennett’s old digs.  Luke has Malina show off her powers to a news crew (again, very Claire-esque) to attract Tommy’s attention, which totally works… and that’s when all hell breaks loose.




Hachiro has followed Tommy to the high school, and he downloads him into Evernow (and, I’m guessing the Eternal Fortress).  Then Joanne shows up and shoots at Malina, but Quentin tackles her out of the way.  Luke tries to talk his ex out of murder, AGAIN, but she shoots at Malina again, and Luke torches her in return.  He is decidedly freaked about this development, but wait- did Malina get shot? No, because Farah, Carlos, Micah, and Jose have arrived at the high school, too, and Invisible Farah jumped in front of Malina to save her.


Back at Renautas, Hachiro reports that Tommy is locked inside Evernow, only to get knocked out.  But the betrayal doesn’t go unseen, because Ren and Emily witness the whole thing from their hiding spot.


So this is where we find ourselves going into the finale:

  • Carlos, Micah, and Jose are headed to the hospital with a (possibly) fatally wounded Farah.
  • Luke, Quentin, and Malina are alone at the high school.  Joanne is a pile of ashes.  Phoebe is alive and who knows where?
  • Tommy is imprisoned in Evernow, while Ren and Emily are trying to find a way to rescue him.  Miko is… nonexistent?  And Tommy’s mom is hiding in a clocktower.  And Hachiro is unconscious.
  • Taylor has ultimately disowned her mother. Francis is dead.
  • HRG is a big question mark.  So is Hiro.  So is the Haitian.
  • Erica’s plan is still going ahead as planned, as far as we know.
  • Matt Parkman is nutso-crazyface.




Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain

  • Yes, I declined to mention Erica’s backstory.  Why? I found it offensive, poorly executed, disappointing, and a terrible plot device/decision, particularly for so late in the series.  I know this was supposed to be a nod towards the excellent “Company Man” from the original series, but Erica is no HRG.
  • Interesting that, after what happened in this episode, I have not seen Luke in ONE promo for the final episode.  Does our favorite fireball peace out after torching his ex?  Also, I was hoping for a lot more from his final showdown with Joanne (and a better send off for Judi Shekoni).  Kudos to Zac, though, because ACTING!
  • Speaking of Luke, the scene of him walking through the forest with Phoebe and Quentin was hilarious- it literally could’ve been a dad taking his tiny children for a walk in the woods, the height difference was so substantial.
  • Glad to see Quentin back on the right team!  Now let’s reunite him with HRG, as that was one of the highlights of the series.
  • Couldn’t Malina just heal Farah? She brought those butterflies back to life… come to think of it, maybe that’s what’ll happen!  The solar flare will ACTUALLY kill everyone but Malina will just pull a major “JUST KIDDING GUYS!”.
  • No, seriously, Ren and Emily are adorable. I am all for their team-up.
  • If the finale is literally just Luke and Quentin holding Phoebe down and washing her hair, I will be so happy.


Okay, folks: let’s hear it!  Give us your thoughts and predictions in the comments below… I’ll see you next week after the big finale!

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  1. PhyllisSJanuary 19th, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Thinking we’re not seeing Luke in the promos is that any scenes would be a spoiler for the big awesome climactic thingy ending ;))

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