Happy Fight with a Lightsaber Day! (Ultra Sabers Review)


October 10th is the 2nd annual International Fight with a Lightsaber Day.  Using #LightsaberFight last year over 33 countries participated in Lightsaber Battles at their homes, offices, and flash mobs that had a social reach of over 5 million people.


This year, The Nerd Machine is participating using our brand new Lightsaber from Ultra Sabers:  The Combat Lightsaber Specialists.  Ultra Sabers allows you to completely customize the lightsaber of your dreams. With 13 different bodies, 17 emitters, 13 couplers, and 25 pommels the combination possibilities are next to endless.  Or if you prefer, there are 90 different complete hilts that have been beautifully master crafted by the expert designers at Ultra Sabers.  


Want more than just a red, blue, or green lightsaber?  Ultra Sabers has you covered!  Choose from Adegan Silver, Sunriders Destiny (aquamarine), Violet Amethyst, Fire Orange, and Arctic Blue in addition to your old reliable Guardian Blue, Blazing Red, and Consular Green.


Whether you are a Jedi or a Sith, Ultra Sabers allow you to fight with the prowess of a Sith Warrior without losing the artistic elegance a Jedi Counselor might prefer.  And while all the various customization allows for a good amount of price differences, the majority of their sabers will cost you around $120, which is incredibly reasonable for what you get.  Unfortunately, they don’t accept Republic Credits.


We see a lot of amazing Star Wars Cosplay come through Nerd HQ, so why not have a lightsaber that reflects all of the hard work and attention to detail you put into your costume?

Check out www.ultrasabers.com to purchase your own custom lightsaber!

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