Hannibal: Why Season 2 is Too Far Away


By Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)


NBC’s brilliant show Hannibal had its season finale last night and what a wild ride it has been. Throughout its thirteen-episode run, the audience has been treated to viewings of everything from psychological torment to Will puking up an intact human ear. There has been Hannibal’s oddly delicious-looking food (you want to eat it but then you remember it’s human!) to Will running around in t-shirts and boxer shorts. The show has run the gamut in content but what has remained is its quality. That’s not to say it’s been without its ups and downs, as I have written about previously, but it has definitely proven why it’s received as much critical praise as it has.

Last night’s show was no different. It was billed as “yell-at-your-TV” worthy, but I found it more “internal frustration” worthy. Yes, there were a few times I yelled, “WHAT?!” or “EW!” but I shook my fists and threw up my hands in aggravation more than anything. However, it set up next season beautifully and I don’t want to wait until next January for it to start again!

I’m so anxious to see how plot points are resolved over the course of season two. As of last night, Will threatened to kill Hannibal because he figured out Hannibal’s secret and was subsequently thrown into the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Jack concluded it was Will killing people all along, especially with the evidence stacked against him. And does Hannibal’s psychiatrist Dr. Du Maurier know he is a killer and a cannibal?

These things alone would make for a great next season, but in many interviews during season one, show creator Bryan Fuller mentioned storylines he wants to introduce next time around. More noteworthy, though, are the people he wants to work with. The two that jumped out at me most were David Bowie as Hannibal’s uncle and Lee Pace as an as-yet-undecided character. Because I doubt Bowie would do it, I’m hoping Fuller focuses his energy on Pace, whom he previously worked with on cancelled-far-too-soon Pushing Daisies. I just need that man back on my TV. If you haven’t seen it, watch Pushing Daises and you’ll see why I’m pushing so hard for him to be cast. He’s an amazingly talented actor who would fit into the creepy world of Hannibal so well. Cross your fingers for these castings to happen!

If you haven’t watched Hannibal and only get your information about the show online, make it a goal to marathon it over the summer. It is truly mesmerizing TV and you’ll see for yourself just why it is such a critically acclaimed show. Who knows, maybe you too will turn into a Fannibal!

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