Hannibal – The Number of the Beast is 666


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

I’m going to break away from my usual recap this week. With only one episode left, I still have a lot of questions about what’s going on so I’m going to ask them and it’s up to you to help me answer them, okay?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Last week’s episode opened up with Will meeting with Bedelia. Is she his therapist now? It sure does seem like it. I think that’s crazy considering how she was previously brainwashed by Hannibal. IS she working with him? Trying to get Will off of his game? He’s already in a very fragile state after almost losing his family, but now it seems that his safe zone is a dangerous place to be, too. Who is he to trust?

Chilton makes reappearance, too. He comes in at the request of Will and Alana. Freddy Loundes is interviewing him for an article. They think that talking about the Dragon, and giving him clues to where they are, the dragon could be lured out and caught. Uh, who’s idea was that? Hannibal has a way of communicating with the Dragon that no one is questioning? No one is safe! After Francis reads the article, Chilton is kidnapped, tortured, and almost killed. I mean, you had to expect that something was going to happen.

What irks me about this (and they talk about it in the episode) is that Will probably planned this. The way he was pictured with Chilton wasn’t just for “authenticity.” Will knows killers. He knows that the Dragon’s M.O. is to kill (or hurt) the family pet first and then go for the family. Did Will know this?

Chilton absolutely believes this. Even with his lips torn off and entire body burned beyond recognition (and he’s amazingly alive) he accuses Will of planning on this. He treated him like a pet.

I guess the major question is, does Will have a plan now? According to the typical timeline, he’s next to be attacked. Is he prepared?

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