Hannibal – Season 3, Episode 3 – Secondo


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

This week, Will travels to Lithuania where he gains a new ally in his search for Hannibal Lecter while Jack Crawford makes his way to Italy with some searching of his own.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Remember last week when Will followed Hannibal to Italy and then forgave him? What did he forgive him for? Eating people? Messing with his mind? Trying to turn Will into a cannibal as well?

Thursday’s episode started off by addressing this question. Bedelia asks Hannibal if it was nice to see Will. Hannibal announces that Will knew where to look for him and Bedelia responds that Hannibal knew where Will would look for him. But where will Will look for Hannibal next?

That place is Hannibal’s childhood home in Lithuania. The house is locked up behind a gate and doesn’t look like anyone has been there for years. Will climbs the fence and feasts his eyes on a palace. Is this what inspired Hannibal’s construction of the memory palace he often refers to?

In the last episode, we found out that Hannibal was very close to his sister, Mischa. As Will walks through the yard/cemetery thing, we see Mischa’s tombstone. What happened to her? Suddenly, Will is surprised by shots fired. They aren’t aimed at him, but a woman is in the woods, hunting ducks. She seems to know that something else is there but Will stays out of sight. That night, when the sun has gone, Will wanders around, following fireflies to an old fountain. What is the fountain for and what does it mean?

I have no idea.

Jump back to Italy where Hannibal is enjoying a meal with Bedelia (who doesn’t look to be enjoying it quite as much as him) and Sogliato, one of the guys that runs the museum. They’re eating someone’s arm (is it leftovers or fresh meat?) and drinking a cocktail that was served to people during their last meal on the Titanic. With that bit of information, Hannibal wastes no time in stabbing Sogliato in the head with a screwdriver.

Hannibal: That may have been impulsive.

Creepily enough, Sogliato is still conscious and starts laughing about how he can’t see. Bedelia can’t take it anymore and goes around the table to take the screwdriver out. Sogliato dies immediately. Hannibal explains to Bedelia that technically she’s the one that killed him.

Why is Hannibal on a killing spree? It seems less organized than his killing in the first two seasons. What is the purpose of these dinners? What is he trying to do? Is he drawing all of these people in on purpose or is he just doing it for sport?

When we see Jack Crawford has arrived in Italy, this is actually brought up by Inspector Pazzi. Hannibal usually leaves no evidence and Jack reinforces that Hannibal’s needs don’t force him to strike often, which is why there was a 20-year break from El Monstro’s last Italian killing spree. But Jack isn’t there to find Hannibal.

He’s there for Will Graham before anything happens that they both might regret. “I borrowed his imagination and I broke it. I didn’t know how he pieced it back together again.”

Meanwhile, Will wants to know more about the woman living on the Lecter’s old property. He sees her leave a small structure, and finds a cave-like room with a man inside a cage. The woman, Chiyo, returns and asks Will if he (I’m assuming Hannibal) sent him.

Chiyo explains that the man in the cage is the man who ate Hannibal’s sister, Mischa. She has him as a prisoner because Hannibal was going to kill him and Chiyo wouldn’t let that happen. She has been guarding him since. Chiyo says that they are really each other’s prisoners. Will obviously doesn’t believe that this man ate Mischa although Chiyo says that’s why Hannibal does what he does. Will thinks that this whole thing has been a test – Hannibal wants to know if Chiyo would kill the man in the cage. To test his theory, Will lets the prisoner go.

If you’re still wondering whether Hannibal killed his sister or the prisoner did, you may not get your answer straight out. Bedelia asks Hannibal how his sister tasted and he says nothing. Does she know the truth or is she just guessing?

Chiyo wants to know why Will is so interested in Hannibal. Will states, “I’ve never known myself as well as I do when I’m with him.” WHAT? What does that mean? Does he miss Hannibal? Does he want to be like him?

It’s clear that Chiyo doesn’t want to be like Hannibal. After being released, the prisoner sneaks back into the cage and pretends to be trapped. Chiyo doesn’t know that the lock is no longer on the cage and is attacked when she brings the man food. Before killing the man (because it’s clear he wants to kill her), she apologizes and promptly stabs him in the neck. She can’t believe what happened. Will finds her sitting on the floor.

Chiyo: You did this. You set him free.
Will: It was you I wanted to set free.

Chiyo says she wants to help Will find Hannibal. He finally has an ally that wants the same thing he wants. Before leaving for Italy, Will takes a page from Hannibal’s book and puts the prisoner on display. He wraps him up and hangs him from the ceiling so he looks like a firefly – the same ones that have been following Will around the entire episode.

I’m still left with questions about Hannibal’s past. In a conversation with Bedelia, she says that Will makes him feel the same way that his sister did. Hannibal claims, “Mischa didn’t betray me. She influenced me to betray myself.” I still have no idea what that means unless I missed something in previous episodes but hopefully it’s explained in the next few weeks.

But one thing is for sure, if past behavior is a predictor of future behavior, there is only one way Hannibal can forgive Will Graham.

“I have to eat him.”

Despite being left with all sorts of questions and the fact that the storyline is so deep and seemingly impossible to predict, I thought that this is one of the best episodes I’ve seen.

Rating: 5/5

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