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By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Season 2 left us with a lot of questions, am I right? Is Will still alive? What about Jack Crawford, Alana Bloom, or Abigail Hobbs? Those questions aren’t answered in this episode, but it does find Hannibal in Europe, traveling through Paris and settling down in Italy. A new space for a new life?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Season 3 starts off in a way you can only expect. Hannibal is in France (riding a motorcycle for some reason) and he shows up at a party. Of course he’s eyeing everyone but he’s focused on one man in particular – Professor Roman Fell. His gaze is noticed by another man, Anthony Dimmond, a former TA for Professor Fell. While discussing the man, Dimmond talks about how poor of an author Fell is and Hannibal responds “I can appreciate another’s words without dissecting them.”

Maybe not so much, Hannibal.

Fast forward to Professor Fell’s house where he meets Hannibal, sitting on his motorcycle out front. He is clearly confused because he had just seen Hannibal sitting outside of the museum where the party was held. You guessed it. Hannibal makes Professor Fell his dinner. But the kicker is, he’s eating Fell in his own house!

How rude!

This was a very dreamy episode with many flashbacks. I’m usually not a fan of this, but it seemed to work this time. The first flashback sees Abel Gideon, in a wheelchair and hooked up to an IV, sitting at Hannibal’s dinner table. He’ll be eating himself for dinner. His leg, to be specific. He talks with Hannibal about cannibalism and Hannibal responds “It’s only cannibalism if we’re equal.” I know Hannibal is all high and mighty, but what makes him better than Abel?

The major surprise in this episode was that Hannibal has a traveling companion on his excursion through Europe – Dr. Bedelia du Maurier. What? I was so taken aback by this. Considering the things she told Will Graham in season 2, I thought she’d for sure steer clear of the crazy man. This really makes you wonder if he was manipulating her during their therapy sessions. Does she really want to be there? It’s even questioned when Hannibal asks her if she’s having a good day and she responds “I still believe I’m in conscious control of my actions. Given your history, I’d say that’s a good day.” Remember when Bedelia told Jack Crawford “If you think you’re about to catch Hannibal, it’s because he wants you to think that. Don’t think you’re in control.”

Should she take her own advice? There is one scene in particular that leads you to believe she’s trying to be found, assuming she’s been kidnapped. Bedelia is sitting on a bench waiting for the train and he looks straight into the security camera almost begging for someone to notice her (and her outfit made he look like Carmen San Diego so someone must have noticed).

In this episode we learn exactly what happened to Bedelia’s patient that tried to attack her (whether that’s true or not, who can say). In her office, all those years ago she is covered in blood with her arm down the mouth of her patient, Neal Frank (who also happened to be Zachary Quinto – love him). Cue Hannibal’s entrance.

Hannibal : “Is that your blood?”
Bedelia: “No.”
Hannibal: “You were defending yourself.”
Bedelia: “I was reckless.”

Hannibal convinces her it was a controlled use of force and that’s where we find out that Neal Frank used to be Hannibal’s patient. What?! I knew something was fishy about that situation. Why wouldn’t Bedelia talk about it? Hannibal assures her that he can help her tell the story she wants to be told but only if she asks for help. And of course she asks for it. What else can you do in that situation?

Anthony Dimmond shows up again and spots Hannibal walking out of the museum in which he now has a job lecturing about Dante. Hannibal seems uninterested in speaking with him, but invites him to dinner. “My wife and I would love to have you for dinner.” Surprisingly, after enjoying a dinner with Hannibal and Bedelia, he is let go.

Hannibal lectures about Dante and has his audience captivated. Except for Bedelia. She manages to sneak out.. and guess who shows up. Dimmond again. He seems to know that something is wrong with this situation. After the lecture, he speaks with Hannibal and his lecture on Dante’s torture materials (what he was lecturing about because of course that’s what he’s interested in). Dimmond comments that wickedness has caught his attention. Hannibal inquires as to what wickedness his attention has and Dimmond responds, “Yours.”

And you know what happens to people that catch on.

Yep. Hannibal brings the man to his house and bashes him over the head. Bedelia, who is clearly trying to get away at this point after leaving the lecture early, is stunned. Hannibal looks at Bedelia and asks if she’s observing or participating. She says she’s observing but after revealing that this is what she expected, Hannibal says “that’s participation.” He breaks Dimmond’s neck as he reaches for the door after dragging himself across the floor during Hannibal and Bedelia’s conversation and Hannibal says “What have you gotten yourself into?”

Overall, I loved this episode. It was slow at first and didn’t answer many questions that we were left with in season 2, but I’m glad that there is a change in scenery. I mean, how can nobody believe Jack and Will that Hannibal is a crazy person?!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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