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By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Last we saw Hannibal and Will, they were hanging upside down in a meat truck after having just arrived at Mason Verger’s Muskrat Farms. The previous episode left out the details, but luckily for us, the confusion is dismissed by the events in this week’s episode (for a while, at least).

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Remember when Hannibal Lecter was using a saw to cut into the skull of Will Graham? We get to relive this moment again, seeing it from Will’s perspective. His vision is blurred but he can scarcely see Jack yelling for it to stop. The police arrive just in time to spare Will’s life and capture Hannibal. Will is taken as well, but for what reason?

These police officers are working with Mason Verger. That’s right. They’re after the reward and they figure they can get an even bigger payout if they bring Will with them. Jack questions how they’re going to get away with letting “El Monstro” “get away” but the detective says they’re going to pretend he just got away. But they also find that Hannibal had one last victim – Jack. Just as one of the officers is about to cut open his head like Hannibal was doing to Will, bullets come flying. Chiyo is there to save Jack. The only reason his life is spared is because Chiyo wants to know where Hannibal is being taken. Jack, agreeing to tell her, says she has to look no further than Muskrat Farms.

Back at Muskrat Farms, Alana and Margo are definitely still an item (how that happened, I don’t know – they haven’t explained that yet). Margo is aware that Hannibal and Will are there on the farm but Alana is in no rush to save Hannibal while Mason is planning on fattening him up.

When Alana eventually approaches Mason, he says he has some bad news about Jack; Hannibal killed him in Florence. Margo interrupts to say that Jack is still alive. Alana warns Mason about playing with his food and that “you give it the opportunity to fight back.” She knows that Hannibal won’t be held for long, no matter what Mason tries to do.

Speaking of playing with your food, Mason has Hannibal and Will for dinner. No, he hasn’t eaten them yet, but they’re his guests. This is where Mason reveals his plans for them. Before eating Hannibal (which will happen in small doses starting with his hands and feet and always cooked to perfection), Cordell (Mason’s chef, doctor, friend, person) is going to transplant Will’s face onto Mason’s so Mason has a face that doesn’t look like pigs ate it off. I think Will’s line sums up my feelings exactly: “You’re going to eat [Hannibal] with my face?”

Later on, Mason asks Margo about Dr. Bloom. Does she want children? It doesn’t matter. Mason has already found a surrogate and he thought far enough in advance to save some of her eggs from her hysterectomy. It’s hard to tell whether Margo is sad or happy, but she insists on meeting the surrogate.
Meanwhile, Will is sitting alone at the table. Alana comes to see him. Will seems annoyed.

Will: You helped Mason find us.
Alana: I helped Mason find Hannibal.
Around this time, Margo goes to see Hannibal. I think he’s being kept in a barn or basement, but it’s hard to tell. Hannibal tells Margo what she wants to hear.
Hannibal: “You know you have to kill [Mason]. It would be ore therapeutic to do it yourself. You can do it when you choose.

Margo explains that she doesn’t want to be the one responsible. In an act of friendship (or revenge towards Mason) Hannibal will write a letter gloating about how much he enjoyed it – he has enough charges, so what’s one more? I guess what is up for debate is whether Hannibal just wants Mason dead or if he really wants Margo to be happy.
It’s Alana’s turn to see Hannibal next. She had no interest in seeing him, but this isn’t about her. It’s about Will. She was trying to save Will from Hannibal but right now, Hannibal is the only one that can save him. Hannibal promises to help. And he always keeps his promises. Alana and Margo cut his hands free and leave a knife so Hannibal can escape.

After that, Cordell is preparing Will and Mason for the “face off.” While Mason will be completely out of it, Will will be immobilized but will feel everything. At this time, Alana and Margo find the surrogate for baby Verger – a pig. The baby has no heart beat according to the monitors so Alana gets the baby out.

Mason awakes later with his new face. But guess what? It’s not actually attached to his face and it’s not Will’s face either! Keeping his promise, Hannibal has killed Cordell and removed his face. At this time, it’s also revealed that Margo found the baby and it was dead. Mason tells her that if she kills him, she will lose everything; she is not an heir. Hannibal helped with that problem, too. Hannibal helped “milk” him so a baby Verger will become a reality. A brief fight causes Mason to fall into the eel tank in his room and drown.
This episode is crazy weird I know, and I apologize if I’m all over the place.

By this time, Hannibal has brought Will safely back to Baltimore. While he rests, Hannibal meets with Chiyo who protected them on their journey. She says she can’t go home any more that Hannibal can. We also find out that Hannibal did eat his sister, but he didn’t kill her.

When Will finally wakes up, he has a heart-to-heart with Hannibal. He tells Hannibal he misses his dogs (I had totally forgotten about them) but he won’t miss Hannibal. “I’m not going to find you or look for you. I don’t want to know where you are or what you do. I don’t want to think about you anymore.” To me, that’s heartbreaking. Even though they had a very strange relationship, their fondness for each other was almost kind of cute. It seemed like they needed each other.

The FBI arrive at Will’s house. Will is on his porch and he tells Jack, who gets out of the lead car, that Hannibal isn’t there. Suddenly, Hannibal comes out of nowhere. He has his hands in the air and he goes without a fight. Jack finally caught the Chesapeake Ripper. Hannibal comments that he wants him to know exactly who he is so he can always find him. He says this while looking at Will.

Is that Hannibal’s way of saying that deep down, he’ll always know what Will is doing and where to find him? Is their bond that strong? To me, it seems like Hannibal is hinting to Will that if he ever changes his mind, Hannibal will be waiting for him.

Rating: 5/5

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