Hannibal – Dolce Review


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Last we saw Hannibal Lecter, he was limping away after falling out of a second story window after being pushed by Jack Crawford. Although he has survived the fall, it’s clear to him that his time in Florence is coming to an end. What’s his plan now?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

After Pazzi is discovered hanging from the museum balcony (that Hannibal hung him from), who else would show up to investigate than Jack? This time, Will is there as well. Jack makes the comment that Hannibal is now “wounded and worried” but Will doesn’t see it that way. He doesn’t worry.

Inspector Pazzi had every opportunity to turn Hannibal in. He knew his identity and where to find him, but he didn’t take action. Yes, he didn’t have the access to the police department like he used to because if you remember, he fell out of social graces with them in his last search for “El Monstro.”

Will makes it clear that Pazzi has clearly known for a while, but the reward was too great. If other officers knew, it was sure that they would slip out of the law for such a hefty reward, too. Will questions why Jack didn’t kill Hannibal when he had the chance and he replies, “maybe I need you to.”

Meanwhile, Hannibal is going to leave Florence. He’ll be taking only his memories. Bedelia breaks it to him that she will not be coming with him. She knew all along that Hannibal’s plan was to eat her. He was savoring her, but now it’s too late.

With Mason Verger preparing to have Hannibal on his dinner table (because Pazzi assured him it would happen), his chef creates some practice dishes; sliced pig tails, marrow fermented in bean sauce. The idea that Mason likes the best is to cook Hannibal like a Peking duck. Torture the animal first and cook it til it’s crispy.

Chiyo is back in the picture. She shows up to Hannibal’s apartment and find Bedelia getting ready to take her “medicine.” Claiming she’s family, Bedelia and Chiyo share their Hannibal stories. According to Chiyo, they are both birds. Hannibal puts them in cages to see what they do. Bedelia isn’t flying away but Chiyo is flying towards him. She wants to put Hannibal in a cage. But is that enough for her?

Using their detective skills, Will and Jack find Hannibal’s apartment. Bedelia has injected herself with something, making her lost in her mind. She insists that she is actually Lydia Fell, her alter ego here in Florence. The police show up and have evidence that ties Hannibal to the missing persons (you know the guys he killed to get his job). Bedelia is not cooperating with them but it’s clear that the officer has his eye on the reward too.

Back to Margo and Mason Verger, Margo mentions that she has new contacts in Italy that can catch Hannibal. Mason offers her a reward but knows he can’t give her what she wants – her uterus. Weird, I know. Mason wants to have a baby and is willing to find a viable uterus. Is that a job for Alana Bloom? It seems like it because Alana and Margo have sex (how that started I have no idea).

Hannibal returns to the scene of the original crime, sitting in front of the painting that he tried to emulate with his murder victims. Will finds him there and it seems like they are both happy to see the other. Will says that he waited to see Hannibal until he understood him. He needed to be clear in what he was seeing. Their personalities started to depend so much on each other that they have begun to blur. Will feels like he’s guilty of Hannibal’s crimes. All of them. Will is curious whether either of them can survive a separation. They take the time to start walking. To where? I don’t know. But Chiyo is spying on them and as Will pulls out a knife to supposedly kill Hannibal, she shoots him in the shoulder with a sniper rifle.

Will wakes up somewhere – again I’m not sure. It’s not Hannibal’s house or the museum. Will is tied to a chair and being fed by Hannibal some soup. He’s hallucinating. Hannibal’s face changes back and forth from Hannibal to Will. Jack shows up. Was he part of the plan? With Will still strapped to the table, he warns Jack that Hannibal is under the table. Suddenly, a knife comes out and slices Jack in the leg. He finds himself at the dinner table, too with Hannibal serving dinner and Will watching. This was what the dinner was supposed to be the night that Hannibal tried to kill Jack and Will and Alana.

Explaining to Jack that the menu was all wrong that day, Hannibal takes out a saw and even with Jack’s arguing, starts to saw Will’s head. Hannibal says that he was the one that asked Hannibal to get into Will’s head, now he will do it literally.

I can only assume that Bedelia gave a clue to the detective on where to find them, because suddenly, Will and Hannibal are hanging like dead pigs in front of Mason Verger. And they’re both alive.

Rating 4/5

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