Hannibal – …And the Beast from the Sea Review


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Remember last week when Francis Dolarhyde (also known as the Red Dragon) ate a valuable painting and then ran away without really hurting Will? Yeah. That happened. Read on to see what played out next.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

So the Dragon ate a painting but didn’t kill the people who witnessed him in the gallery. Why not? Maybe he’s trying to stop. Maybe he’s going to kill himself. Will thinks that is not possible because the Dragon can’t be sure how his death would affect whatever is inside him. Jack wants to know how Will found this man before and he admits that Hannibal told him where to go. Hannibal has to know who the Dragon is. Will thinks he could have been a patient of Hannibal’s before.

This isn’t true, but Hannibal has been “treating” Francis through phone calls. This time, Francis tells Hannibal that the dragon has never spoken to him before. He was frightened when it called his name. It’s what told Francis to pursue Reba, his lady friend from the dark room. Francis doesn’t want to give her to the dragon, but Hannibal says he never would have gotten her without it. Hannibal says Francis would need to pass the dragon to someone else to avoid what will happen to her and Francis brings up Will Graham. Hannibal tells Francis to kill them. Will and his family. There is going to be a full moon in a couple of days. Francis starts to become the dragon. Will must have been on his mind for a while because the latest film he’s watching is surveillance footage of Will.

Will confronts Hannibal about the killings. He isn’t fortune’s fool, but he is Hannibal’s. He knows that Hannibal sent him to the gallery at the same time as the dragon. He knows that he’s been contacted by the dragon and doesn’t understand why Hannibal doesn’t want to save the next family.

Isn’t it obvious? Because he wants to kill Will.

The Great Red Dragon wastes no time in putting his plan into action. On the night of a full moon, Molly wakes up to the sound of the door unlocking. It’s the dragon. Molly is clever. She wakes up her son, Walter, and has him climb out the window and hide by the car. She works her way through the house, getting jackets and boots. The dragon walks through the house and notices that no one is in bed. He gets mad and doesn’t try to be quiet anymore. Molly, being the smart woman that she is, manages to get outside and collect Walter. Using her car alarm as a distraction, they manage to get away. Kind of.

They run to the road and she tries to stop a passing car. When the man in the car steps out, he’s shot in the head by the dragon. Molly steals the car and drives fast, away from the killer. But she’s been hit. She starts to fade.

Is Jack worried that he might lose Will? Is he worried about Will’s family at all? This is when Will realized that he can’t go home and he can’t take his family home until the Red Dragon is out of the way. Molly and Walter both survived and Molly is resting from surgery. Walter tells Will that he knows about his past – about being in a mental institution. Will doesn’t want to kill the dragon, but he wants to put him in an institution too.

Alana has finally caught on to Hannibal’s ruse. She knows he’s not talking to his lawyer, but he’s really talking to “The Tooth Fairy.” Hannibal says they should refer to him by the name he prefers, “The Great Red Dragon.” Alana knows he will be receiving a call due to the dragon’s recent failure. They want to find out where he is.

The Dragon is taking over Francis again. He beats him senseless, leaving marks, but the reality is Francis is beating himself up. Suddenly, he’s in the dark room and Reba can sense he’s there. He explains that he doesn’t know what’s happening. He’s confused. He admits to Reba that he can’t be with her because he’s afraid he’ll hurt her.

Francis doesn’t know what else to do so he calls Hannibal. Hannibal explains to him that the dragon is his higher self. Francis worries that he’ll get hurt if he’s not as strong as the dragon. Francis is afraid of the dragon. Keep in mind, Hannibal was told to keep Francis on the line so they could trace his call. Before hanging up, he tells Francis, “They’re listening” and hangs up quickly. The team is led to Hannibal’s old office. He used a system to pull the caller ID from his lawyer’s office so Francis could call undetected. At this point, Hannibal is restrained. He has a mask over his mouth and is in body restraints. They take away everything in his room.

When Molly wakes up, Will is there. She tells him he looks different, just like he said he would. She blames herself for getting him caught up in this mess because it was her idea. She also blames Jack Crawford because he has nothing but himself in mind.

Will decides to confront Hannibal. He knows that Hannibal made the suggestion to the killer and Hannibal doesn’t deny it. Will is tired of all of Hannibal’s craziness and that because of him, the Dragon thinks he can do anything now. Hannibal brings up that the Dragon probably thinks Will is a monster, too.

Rating: 5/5

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