Goblinworks Licenses Unity Engine for Pathfinder Online


By Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

Goblinworks, Inc., the developer of the forthcoming, and much anticipated, Pathfinder Online massively multiplayer online roleplaying game has just announced that they will be using Unity Technologies’ Unity engine to run the sandbox-style roleplaying game.  The Unity engine allow Goblinworks to work more efficiently, it allows publication across multiple platforms.  In other words, Unity will facilitate publishing to the Mac as well as the PC.  As a Mac user, and a fan of Paizo’s Patfhinder RPG, this is great news for me.

In celebration of this news, Goblinworks has also announced the first play-test of the combat system that will be coming this Fall.  Entitled Pit Fight, the stand-alone, single player play-test environment will allow players to experience the combat system of Pathfinder Online and aid developers gather data while testing the combat system.  Players will be fighting various NPCs (non-player characters) in an gladiatorial arena atmosphere.

Goblinworks continues the mindset that has helped make Paizo Publishing king of the hill when it comes to fantasy roleplaying.  Just as Paizo developed Pathfinder RPG through the largest open playtest in gaming history, Goblinworks, with the use of the Unity engine, will allow you as players to help develop the overall gaming experience.

For more information about Goblinworks, or the Pathfinder Online sandbox mmo, you can go to their kickstarter page or to Goblinworks.com.  If you’d like to read up on the advantages of the Unity engine, you can check out Unity Techonologies.

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