Getting a Glimpse: The Orville


By: Jaclyn Cascio (@jaclynator)

Seth MacFarlane is the king of network television animated comedy. A distinct comedic voice (figuratively and literally), he has brought humor to its height with shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and even movies like Ted. Now, he makes his first foray into live action television with his new series, The Orville. Get a glimpse of the upcoming parody show right here!

The sci-fi comedy script, written by MacFarlane, was picked up by FOX in May 2016, with the network ultimately ordering 13 episodes. The pilot filmed in late 2016 and filming has continued for the remaining episodes into spring 2017. But the story has been in MacFarlane’s head for quite some time. He stated, “I’ve wanted to do something like this show ever since I was a kid, and the timing finally feels right. 20th [Century Fox Television] and FOX have been good to me for many years…so it was a no-brainer to come to them with the project. I think this is going to be something special.”

Executively produced by MacFarlane, Heather Regnier, Marisa Coughlan, Jennifer Beals, Liz Heldens, Lili Fuller, and Iron Man’s Jon Favreau (who is also the director of the pilot episode), The Orville will tell the story of a mid-level exploratory vessel and its crew as they go on fascinating and dangerous adventures in deep space while also dealing with the hilarious everyday situations of daily activities. Heads of Fox Television Group Dana Walden and Gary Newman have said of the show, “It’s classic Seth – fresh and funny, incredibly smart, wickedly subversive, and undeniably FOX.”

Take a look at the first trailer for The Orville for yourself right here!

The cast for the show covers the full range of classic sci-fi ship members:

• Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) as Ed Mercer, captain of U.S.S. Orville
• Adrianne Palicki (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as Kelly Grayson, first officer of U.S.S. Orville and Ed Mercer’s ex-wife
• Scott Grimes (American Dad) as Gordon Malloy, helmsman of U.S.S. Orville and Ed’s best friend
• Penny Johnson Jerald (Castle) as Dr. Claire Finn, one of the most prominent medical figures in the fleet
• Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus, an alien hailing from a single-sex species
• Mark Jackson as Isaac, an artificial lifeform on the ship who believes itself to be far superior to biological life forms
• J. Lee as John LaMarr, navigator of U.S.S. Orville
• Halston Sage as Alara Kitan, a young and inexperienced security officer who has super strength due to the strong gravity she grew up with on her home world
• Norm Macdonald as the voice of Yaphit, a gelatinous creature on board the space vessel

The Orville looks reminiscent of the classic 1999 film Galaxy Quest (RIP Alan Rickman). And that’s not a bad thing! Clearly spoofing the Star Trek franchise (with love, of course), The Orville might be a challenger to the CBS show Star Trek Discovery, which will air… eventually. Is it possible MacFarlane has created a better Star Trek than the real thing?

To find out how The Orville measures up, watch the hour-long episodes on FOX later this year, where the show is currently slated to air on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.

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