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By: Jaclyn Cascio (@jaclynator)

ABC is pitching their new fall show, The Crossing, as the next Lost. Except that it’s not really like Lost. It’s more like The 4400. Actually, let’s be honest…nothing will ever be like the television phenomenon that was Lost. But to get a glimpse of what The Crossing is really all about, read on!

The Crossing tells the story of 47 refugees washing up on the shores of a small Washington state fishing town. (Okay. I admit it. That much sounds at least a little bit like a colder, muggier version of Lost.) But these aren’t just any refugees. They are the few survivors of the many that fled a terrible war in America – a couple hundred years in the future. (Cue the dramatic music.) And they aren’t the first.

Get a glimpse of The Crossing for yourself here with the first trailer!

The Rob Bowman (The X-Files)-directed pilot kicks off the story, as the survivors find their way to shore while the other 400, more unfortunate, escapees float dead in the freezing water. How will law enforcement, such as Sheriff Jude Miller (Steven Zahn), Deputy Nestor (Rick Gomez), and Federal Agent Emma Ren (Sandrine Holt) cope with the influx of mysterious new people in the rural Washington town? How will the town’s residents and the refugees themselves handle the bizarre situation they’ve all been thrust into?

The heart of The Crossing might be just that: people dealing with an extraordinary situation, full of time travel, war, and possible mutant abilities to boot. (And I’m sure there’s a not-so-subtle political stab at the immigration debate in there somewhere.) A statement from the Disney presentation of the new show explained, “It’s a character-driven piece in a world we know and these are characters we can connect with. This is a show we are convinced international audiences will love.”

The Crossing will include not only Zahn, Gomez (Band of Brothers), and House of Cards’ Holt. It will also include Natalie Martinez (APB), Jay Karnes (The Shield), Marcuis Harris (Vice Principals), Simone Kessel, Jon D’Leo, Tommy Bastow, Luc Roderique, Rob Campbell, Grant Harvey, Kelly Missal, and Baily Skodge.

The ABC Studios production is written by Dan Dworkin, with Jay Beattie (Revenge) executively producing alongside Jason Reed.

Is there enough mystery to get The Crossing up and running for more than a season? You’ll have to keep tabs on the show’s Twitter, and see it for yourself this fall! In the meantime, what do you think of the new upcoming ABC show?

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  1. hobbityMay 31st, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    It looks interesting, but it’s not just like The 4400 or Lost, it also sounds a bit like

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