Geeks Who Drink – Premiere Recap


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

This was the first week of SyFy’s new show, “Geeks Who Drink,” hosted by the one and only Zachary Levi. It’s a series of quiz questions and physical challenges (you read that right) testing the geekiness of the contestants, and of course those of us at home screaming the answers at the TV. I had no idea what to expect from this show, but after watching it this morning (sorry people, I have a hard time staying up late), I was pleasantly surprised by the pace, the team captains, and of course, the host.

The pace: This show is not a lolly-gagger. It moves from one game to the other quickly and is super easy to follow. Games like “Batman or Superman” were a challenge for me (being a Marvel fan), and the bonus round of “Jell-O Shots” where the team captains literally had to throw Jell-O chunks into a basketball hoop was hilarious. Who knew you could have so much fun in just half an hour?

The team captains: Being all too familiar with “Friday Night Lights” totally put me in Scott Porter’s corner right off the bat. He was leading the “Tequila Mockingbirds” while Eric Christian Olsen led the “Han Solo Cups.” Teams are made up of one celebrity and two fellow geeks. What impressed me the most was how geeky the captains actually were. Scott Porter was on fire from the get-go, knowing what truth loving female superhero was created by the same man that created the lie detector and Olsen, despite his good looks, was trailing most of the game. Both celebrities barely needed to confide in their teammates, which makes me question how necessary those other people are. Either way, I thought that the banter between the teams was entertaining and the team challenges, like matching the movie to the song associated with that movie, proved that there is a nerd in all of us.

The host: Obviously, I have not been one to hide my love for Zachary Levi (I mean, I named my dog after him) so I was most certainly sure that we would be an incredible host. And he is. His ability to ad lib jokes, make fun of the contestants (and himself), and the way he whips the question cards as he uses them makes for such a fun vibe that I just want to be in the audience while it’s happening.

I’m so excited to watch next week to find out what other celebrities are geeky like me.

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  1. Tammy HodgesJuly 17th, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    Well written!
    I poured myself a glass of wine, watched the premiere, laughed at myself for not knowing answers. Then found myself yelling “CRAP! I KNEW THAT!” when I missed something because I was SO entertained by Zac, Eric & Scott that I forgot to yell my answer at the TV screen as if someone could hear me.
    I, too, was struck by the ‘geekiness’ of the celebrities but LOVED every second, from Scott Porter spitting out his drink from laughter to Eric Christian Olsen throwing the jello bowls at the buzzer.
    As for Zachary Levi as host? C’mon! Was there REALLY any doubt that he would be FANTASTIC? His love of trivia and knowledge in general and that he IS the ultimate Nerd (our hero) and let’s not forget his ultimate comedic timing, makes him the perfect choice!
    This is long and I apologize but the show was AWESOME and I’m so looking forward to the next episode!

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