Geeks Who Drink – Light Sobers vs. Ale Storm Recap


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

What do you get when you cross Light Sobers and Ale Storms? An epic battle to nerdiness, that’s what. Jonathan Sadowski took on Lenny Jacobson this week. How do you think they fared?

The hardest game this week seemed to be the first one. Contestants had to decide if a name was a type of illness or a character from Game of Thrones. Guess how many Light Sobers got correct. None! They really need to brush up on their GoT. They even struggled in the next category of “Nation or Fabrication.” They only earned $10, but I can’t blame them. Some of those names sounded fake.

Can we talk about how awesome it is that the crowd gets involved in the game too? I mean, Zac asks a trivia question before the break and if one of the teams in the audience gets the answer correct, they get free drinks! How cool!

I think my favorite game of the night was “Crossing the Line.” Team captains wore props and had to finish lines of the characters they were portraying. This included Spock, Hannibal Lecter, and Green Lantern. Jonathan Sadowsi nailed the line from Hannibal and it didn’t hurt that one of his teammates is an expert in all things Green Lantern.

Was I disappointed at some point during this game? Yes. Why? Because none of them knew the Mathbuster this week. How many wheels are there between the Delorean and the Batmobile? Light Sobers said 6 and Ale Storm said 9. How could they not know it’s 10?

Anyway, the game for last call had contestants list Academy Award winners for Actors in a Leading Role. You’d think it’d be easy, but Ale Storm had significant trouble with both of Lenny’s teammates going down their first turn. Jonathan was very confident in his answers, which ultimately led to Light Sobers being victorious.

Tune in this Thursday for another great episode of Geeks Who Drink of Syfy.

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  1. Tammy HodgesSeptember 1st, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Thanks for the recap! Excellent show as always. Zac is the perfect person to host because it’s obvious he’s having fun and he makes sure everyone else does too.

    I hope this show stays on for a long time.

    **Zac wore two Green Lantern rings the whole show… did he take them home?*

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