Geeks Who Drink – Down and Nerdy vs. Whiskey Business


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

This week on Geeks Who Drink, Josh Brener (The Internship, Silicon Valley) led his team “Down and Nerdy” while they took on Grey Damon (Aquarius, Friday Night Lights) and “Whiskey Business.”

Do you know your locations from Star Wars and Star Trek? Both of these teams did! There was a tricky question: Is Earth part of Star Trek or Star Wars? If you said Star Trek, then you are correct! The next round was The Thing or the Hulk. Josh stopped the streak of correct answers when he thought that the Hulk was a certified pilot. Uh, he has a PhD, dude.

The next round, “Spliced,” showed two movies posters combined to create a new movie. My favorite was a mash-up between Back to the Future and Star Wars. What was the new movie? “The Empire Strikes Back to the Future.” It’s like my favorite category on Wheel of Fortune, “Before and After.”

The battlefield game? Matching celebrities with the characters that they voice. If anyone would have gotten Flynn Rider wrong, I’m sure Zac would have disowned them and taken away their drinks. That reminds me. I wish when they introduced everyone, they would tell you what they’re drinking. Do you agree?

Have you ever played Jurassic Quarters? Don’t worry, I haven’t either. The team captains had their arms stuck in such a way that they looked like a T-Rex and had to play quarters. It’s as funny as it sounds. I suggest you try it with your friends.

The last game had them naming James Bond movies. Both teams were really good at it. Whiskey Business lost after repeating “Goldeneye.”

Who came out victorious? Down and Nerdy came back from a huge deficit to give all of us nerds hope for a better tomorrow (too much?).

Make sure you watch next week as Jason Sadowski takes on Lenny Jacobson. Only on Syfy.

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