Geeks Who Drink – Beer the Reaper vs. Monty Python and the Holy Ale


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

This week’s episode of Syfy’s Geeks Who Drink features iZombie and Tomorrowland actor Matthew MacCaull and his team Beer the Reaper as they take on Andrew Daly (MadTV) and his team, Monty Python and the Holy Ale.

Something I really liked about this episode right off the bat was that the captains introduced their teammates and actually knew something about them before the game started. As a fan, that would make me feel really good knowing that I’m not just showing up and they don’t know my name until I walk on set.

After claiming they would lose, Andrew’s team took the first speed round, knowing what characters had sex in their movies. Beer the Reaper came back, knowing differences between Sasquatch and Chewbacca. Turns out, Andy isn’t really a nerd at all, so luckily he had a great team surrounding him.

Use your emojination! Teams had to guess movie titles based on the string of emojis. I thought that was a super clever and Holy Ale took the first two, guessing Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Life of Pi.  The battlefield game? Putting the Doctors in order from Doctor Who. Holy Ale was dominated after putting them in the wrong order (they did it backwards). Saying they did it in Hebrew wasn’t enough to convince Zac that they won, but thanks for trying!

What’s your knowledge of Hip Hop and technology? Add the year the first iPod was released with 50 Cent’s stage name. 2051. That was a hard one; neither team got it because they didn’t know the release year of the iPod. Even harder question? Take the number of light sabers in the original Star Wars series, add it to the number of problems Jay-Z had, and add that to the number directly under the # on a phone. Both teams again answered wrong, but Beer the Reaper was the closest (only off by one.

Did you know that Matthew MacCaull is very good with his hands? I mean his Hulk hands. He managed to build a tower out of beer cans using ten cans, absolutely smoking the very uncoordinated Andy Daly.

Who came out on top? After listing as many movies that were directed by Steven Spielberg, Beer the Reaper dominated, winning an extra $300 during last call.

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