Geeks Who Drink – Beer Me Up, Scotty vs. Maze Rum Runners


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

I’d been looking forward to last week’s episode of “Geeks Who Drink” on Syfy since I found out that Felicia Day, the Queen of the Nerds, was going to make an appearance. She led her team, “Beer Me Up, Scotty,” against Dexter Darden (of Maze Runner Fame), and his team, “The Maze Rum Runners.”

This week’s speed round was actually very interesting. Contestants had to guess whether a name was someone from a Bond movie or a condom. More easily said than done apparently. Would you know if a character is from a Shakespearian play or Final Fantasy? Felicia’s team did. My favorite this week, though, was the Literal Movie Titles. Obviously, Felicia’s team came out on top (they didn’t trail the entire game.)

In the Battlefield, the teams had to complete a “Whodoku” puzzle, fitting celebrities in a grid based on their shared movies. Yeah, it all seems easy, but Dexter had a really hard time just getting the celebrities to stay in place. The Last Call round had all the contestants name different Stephen King novels (apparently Dexter’s team thought this would be about “Lord of the Rings” and that blew up in their faces.)

Felicia Day, the Queen of the Nerds, and her team completely dominated and took home the victory as well as the really cool prizes.

If you want to see this episodes, and previous episodes as well, visit Syfy’s website. You can watch last week’s episode here:

Geeks Who Drink Episode 5!

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