Geeks Who Drink – Battle Bar Galactica vs. Weapons of Mass Consumption


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Last week on “Geeks Who Drink,” Tricia Helfer’s “Battle Bar Galactica” competed against Kevin Weisman’s “Weapons of Mass Consumption.” Maybe Kevin’s tip of listening to women to pick them up will come in handy! Or Tricia could do what she did in Battlestar. Win!

Do you know your comic strips and strip clubs? Amazing Fantasy? Comic Strip. Saint Sinner? Comic Strip. Star Slammers? Comic Strip. Silver Cricket? Strip Club. How many of those did you really get right?

Narnia or Oz? I would dominate in this category, just so you know, and both teams showed their children’s literature prowess by getting all of the answers right. Duh, Tic Tok is totally from Oz.

Blink and you’ll miss the next category. It’s about crazy cameos in film. Did you know that Bryan Singer made a cameo on the deck of the Enterprise? He did. And Ron Jeremy made an appearance in Ghostbusters. How did they know?

Can we take a second to talk about how handsome Zachary is in his vests?

I love it.

Kevin’s dating rules didn’t work out in the Mathbusters round because he didn’t listen to the directions and failed to put the right number on the tablet in time. He got it wrong anyway. Take the episode number of “The Empire Strikes Back” and add the number of the series for the Grand Theft Auto that came out in 2008. If you guess 9, you’d be correct my friend!

Last call! List as many spaces on a US Monopoly game board as possible. Tricia had the disadvantage, never playing the game. Again, Kevin had some listening problems and repeated an answer. After teams were just throwing names out there, Battle Bar Galactica came out on top!

For more nerdy fun, tune into the season finale of “Geeks Who Drink” on Syfy Thursday at 11pm ET.

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