Geeks Who Drink – Barma Initiative vs. Make it a Double Agent Recap


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

Last week on Geeks Who Drink, we got to see Mark Pellegrino of Being Human fame face Brett Dalton from Agents of SHIELD. Their teams, Barma Initiative and Make it a Double Agent, respectively, showed off their nerd trivia skills in what was a close call the entire game.

Pellegrino’s and Dalton’s teams came out swinging, getting all of the answers correct when it came to guessing which description came from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or True Blood, but Barma Initiative fell behind when it came to saying if a character came from Guardians of the Galaxy or Firefly. I mean, Mark, who doesn’t know who Wash is?

In the group challenge, where teams had to put screenshots from Back to the Future in order, Make it a Double Agent did something I’ve never seen before: they got every frame wrong on their first try. Seems to me like they need to brush up on their Future lessons.

We all know that the Mathbusters is my favorite part of the show. This week, contestants had to take the year Independence Day came out and subtract the year America gained independence from Britain (1996-1776). Somehow – and I’m hoping it’s from lack of time – Dalton’s team answered 20. So, so wrong.

The final game had the contestants give the proper name of the actors that portray superheroes in any of the X-Men films. Double Agents held on strong with Sarah carrying the team by herself for several rounds, but in the end, Barma Initiative were the victors an to the victors go the spoils (and the spoils are pretty cool if you ask me).

Tune in next week to see Felicia Day take on Dexter Darden!

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