Geek Who Drink – Ewoking Dead vs. Slurenity


By Carolyn Deas (@carolyndeas)

If you missed this week’s episode of “Geeks Who Drink” on Syfy, then you definitely missed out. This week’s team captains were Alan Tudyk leading “Slurenity” and iJustine ahead of the “Ewoking Dead.” One of my favorite parts of this show is the team names; I might have to steal one for my fantasy football team this season!

The first round of the show was the speed round. The first category was “Wars or Sex.” The contestants had to say whether a name that host Zachary Levi said was a Star Wars vehicle or a sex act. It was actually quite entertaining, especially when you realize that a “turtle tanker” is actually a vehicle. Who knew? Following that was the category of “Zelda Monster or Mineral.” I thought this would be easy, but apparently some of these guys need to go back to 6th grade geology.

What I especially loved about this week is that the Captains actually needed help from their teams. Alan had the habit of pushing the button before knowing the answer and Justine tended to listen to her team mates who ended up not being correct. But that’s part of the game, right?

There was even a surprise guest! Tony Hawk showed up and asked a “Back to the Future” trivia question. What year was the hoverboard supposed to make an appearance? 2015! Excuse me scientists, I’m still waiting for that, please. But I understand if you’re more consumed with cracking the case on teleportation.

To finish the game, the contestants were quizzed on characters from Harry Potter. Turns out that both teams had Potterheads on their teams so it was a back and forth challenge ultimately going to “Ewoking Dead.” I mean, I was rooting for them anyway because Alastair said he has his own Gryffindor robe that he wears at Hogwarts.

Go team!

Next week, we’ll get to see how geeky Jack DiMaggio from Adventure Time is and David Giuntoli from Grimm are. Who do you think will win?

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  1. SophieJune 21st, 2017 at 12:17 am

    I actually got really pissed off at the end because the ‘incorrect’ answer that won ewoking dead was ‘Crabbe’. Vincent Crabbe is a slytherin character most known for following Malfoy around along with Goyle, who the contestant had answered in the previous round.

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