Gamer’s Digest: May 31


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

The Gamer’s Digest is designed to inform you Nerds with all the latest happenings in the busy and cluttered world of video games, so you can be the most informed Nerd the next time you join your friends for an Xbox Live party.

Markus Persson Received a Golden PSOne from Sony

One of my favorite games of this generation is Minecraft. I love the simplicity and how every day is a new adventure with that game. I own it for the Xbox 360 and for the PC, but it might be possible to own the blocky-adventure game on your PlayStation console. Recently, Markus “Notch” Persson, creator and Lord of Minecraft, received a golden PSOne console as a VIP invite to E3. Now, this could purely be speculation, but I really hope it’s true. I’m not sure I could convince myself to purchase Minecraft for a third console but for a once-indie title to go multi-platform like this would be a major breakthrough. It is quite possible this could be an original title that Mojang will announce for either the PS3 or the PS4, but the fact that Notch and his sweet fedora will be on stage during the Sony E3 announcement brings excitement to my controller.

EA Will No Longer Offer Online Passes for Games

A while ago, publisher EA announced that they would no longer be offering online passes for newer games. Today, they extended their announcement to include previously released games as well, which is a great move in my mind. The online passes EA (previously) offered forced buyers of pre-owned games to, essentially, buy access to the games online content. The original announcement of the passes were met with high criticism and thankfully, EA listened to their fanbase. It is interesting that EA decided to cancel their controversial online pass when it sounds like Microsoft (and possibly Sony) might have a pre-owned game fee built into the console. EA has made a lot of enemies with the fans the last year but this will hopefully be a baby step in the right direction.

David Hayter May or May Not be the Voice of Big Boss in MGSV

A while back, it was revealed in an interview that David Hayter, the longtime voice of Solid Snake and Big Boss, would not be returning for Metal Gear Solid V. Many gamers were outraged at series creator Hideo Kojima’s “need for a new direction.” Lately, however, it seems we’ve all been duped and this was all just a marketing ploy from the beginning. David Hayter has been tweeting some mysterious comments lately, none more interesting than his most recent post, which reads:

“I’m so excited for E3! I hope I don’t lose my voice. ;-)”

Would it be a great moment in gaming history to see Hayter re-announced as the voice of Big Boss? Indeed it would, but there are a number of fans who either saw this coming from the start or didn’t buy into the lies. To me, there is no other voice for Snake than David Hayter, so this needs to happen. The whole run around has been very frustrating, but you can’t say it hasn’t garnered some attention towards the impending release of Metal Gear Solid V.

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