Frozen’s Anna and Elsa Teach Kids to Code


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

There are a lot of coding tutorials out there, but very few that attract kids. But what better way to get them excited about coding than to use ever-popular princesses Anna and Elsa, the leading ladies from Disney’s hit movie Frozen?

Seattle-based has partnered with Disney Interactive on a one-hour tutorial that will introduce kids to basic coding concepts like loops and conditionals. The code will create snowflake patterns and allow Anna and Elsa to skate around computer screens. The program uses Blockly, a visual drag-and-drop way to program commands.

The tutorial will also include video lectures from women in tech, like Polyvore CEO Jess Lee, Microsoft engineer Paola Mejia, and app developer and model Lyndsey Scott. Through the new tutorials, hopes to encourage more girls and minority students to learn programming and go into technology-related fields. wants to achieve that by bringing computer science education to schools and as part of the collaboration, Disney is donating $100,000 to the non-profit to help reach their goal. Other learning platforms are already used in more than 50,000 classrooms.

The new Frozen tutorial kicks off’s “Hour of Code” campaign, which is an initiative designed to widen computer science participation worldwide, especially among girls. The tutorial can be found at

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