From OPI with Love: The Bond Girls Collection


by Angela Dahl (@AngelaDahling)

For your eyes only, OPI’s latest nail polish collection features six glamorous Bond girls from Bond’s fifty-year history: Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore, Solitaire, Tiffany Case, and Honey Ryder. Each shade dries to a “liquid sand” finish that reflects glitter. Its expected launch was in May 2013, but it is already available at Ulta and other retailers.

The colors are clearly inspired by either an iconic outfit each Bond girl is known for or the girl’s name. For example, Solitaire is a frosty white that sparkles like a diamond, while Pussy Galore is a light pink that is reminiscent of the shirt she wears in Goldfinger. My favorites, however, are Jinx and Honey Ryder.

I don’t know about you guys, but Pierce Brosnan is my James Bond. He was James Bond when I was a kid, so to this day when I hear “James Bond,” I immediately picture Pierce and his sexy chest hair. What you learn as a kid sticks, apparently. I also remember seeing Die Another Day in theaters and being so envious of Halle Berry’s orange bikini bod. Since I still don’t have an orange bikini (or the Halle Berry bod to match it), the nail polish will have to do. Luckily, Jinx is the perfect sparkly coral color. It’s really opaque, so you only need one coat, and it dries quickly. On top of being perfect for the character, it’s a perfect color for spring too.

Honey Ryder is considered by many to be the quintessential Bond girl. She was, in fact, the first Bond girl in 1962’s first James Bond film, Dr. No. Sean Connery played James Bond (and is generally considered the quintessential Bond), and Ursula Andress played Honey Ryder. She’s also famous for wearing a bikini – a white one – which is what she’s wearing when James first meets her in the film. OPI’s color for her is a sandy gold that seems to be inspired by her name and the beach Bond finds her on. It reminds me of C3P0, too, but that’s another franchise entirely. It’s a gorgeous gold that would be flattering on any girl, whether she’s a Bond love interest or not.


Tiffany Case is a good runner-up color too. It’s a medium bright blue with lots of light blue glitter that would be great for spring and summer. My least favorite is Vesper; for whatever reason, the opacity is not the same as the others, so it requires several coats for ideal color payoff. Solitaire and Pussy Galore are more neutral colors, so if you’re that kind of (Bond) girl, those would be purrrfect.

Bond Girls are forever, but these shades aren’t, so get them while you can!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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