Fringe: Five-Twenty-Ten


by Ashley Binion

“Five-Twenty-Ten” was mainly focused on the Bishop boys and them holding on to their humanity. We saw a glimpse of this during last week’s trippy episode, but this week drove it home as the audience saw it play out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The episode began with a pretty cool sequence of Peter seeing the future via his new Observer senses. With the knowledge of the future, he intentionally altered it and prevented a meeting between two top Observers. Right after, he saw a Resistance poster of Etta, reminding him and the viewer whom he is doing this for.

Peter retuned to the old Harvard lab with more laser fuel and they released tape number five. On the tape, Walter told them they had to find two Observer cylinders that were stored underneath one of Walter and William Bell’s old labs. These cylinders have been seen throughout the series. In order to access the storage facility, they need Bell’s handprint. Walter was seen cutting off Bell’s hand in “Letters of Transit” for some unknown reason. So, I appreciated it when they connected that plot point.

According to Astrid, Bell had betrayed the team once again, but this time to gain favor with the Observers. Walter then began recalling how he was captured, but it ended up being a scene from Marathon Man. The gang went to the former duo’s lab to find that it was destroyed. Since the storage facility was under the rubble, which made it difficult to access, they decided that they need to see Nina Sharp, the director of former Global Dynamics and close friend of the team.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Nina again, considering she has been absent so far in the final season. As a result, she had a wonderful reunion scene with Olivia. In this new timeline, she raised Olivia and her sister Rachel.

After the reunion scene, Walter expressed his concern with their current project. Nina, as the current director of the Ministry of Science, had access to Observer technology that would help them.  She suggested a machine that turns solid matter into gas, which the Observers used to destroy Central Park.

While Astrid and Olivia were moving the device, Nina and Walter had a revealing conversation. As the audience knows, in “Letters of Transit” Nina told Etta and Simon to reinsert portions of Walter’s brain. These brain pieces were once removed by Walter’s partner William Bell because he was afraid of what he was becoming.  Once they inserted these pieces, he has been slowly showing glimpses of his old personality. He told Nina that Peter’s love will be the one thing that will save him. Nina disagreed. She knew how much she loved Bell and how much he loved her, but their love wasn’t enough to save him from the man he eventually became.

While the trio went to see Nina, Peter met with Anil, a fellow Resistance fighter. They had a plan to switch out one of the Observer’s suitcases through Peter’s new seeing the future ability.  However, he was unable to see a variable which made Anil’s switch impossible. Peter then took the suitcase to an Observer hangout and successfully switched it. The switched suitcase was taken by the Observer into a meeting. Once he opened it, a flesh eating toxin flew out. This gas was the same from the pilot episode, their first Fringe case that killed everyone on flight 627. I am enjoying all of the ways Fringe has made full circle moments this season, and this callback was a one of them.

Since the Observers were so focused on the havoc Peter caused, it allowed the team to complete their goal of retrieving the two Observer cylinders. After, Walter met with Nina again and asked her to remove the pieces of brain that were inserted.

Throughout the entire episode, Olivia knew something was up with Peter. She even expressed her concern to Astrid. In the last few minutes, probably some of the strongest in the series, she followed her suspicions to Etta’s apartment. There, Peter told her that he inserted the Observer technology into himself. He then read her mind, spoke in sync with her, and told her Windmark was the next target. This caused her to flee the apartment and a montage began set to David Bowie’s “Man Who Sold the World.” Peter continued to work on Windmark’s timeline, Walter looked through their scavenger hunt objects they have retrieved so far and contemplated his possible lobotomy, and Peter began losing his hair. His transformation into an Observer is now complete.

Again, I have to give props to Joshua Jackson. His portrayal of Peter transforming into an Observer is dead on from the creepy head tilt to the monotone way of speaking. And Anna Torv was excellent during their last scene together. You could feel her heart breaking for Peter and her fear of what he had become.

The glyph code for the episode was “trust.” Fringe will return in three weeks, on December 7th with “The Human Kind.”

Did you enjoy watching Peter transform into an Observer?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. AngyNovember 23rd, 2012 at 8:14 am

    Hi Ashley!!!
    Well you be honest in this Fringe season 5 there are many things that leave me a little bit perplexed…
    I mean, to me it seems that the show lacks a basic storyline ..probably the writers want to explain things episode after episode and in the end probably we all have more clear ideas..but for know it seems that the fact that they must come to an end in just 13 episodes, has led the writers to forget something trough the ride…
    It’s not clear what those Observers want to do in this universe…Etta’s story was only hinted at ,so we don’t know what she really knows about what happened in the years in which Peter,Olivia,Walter and Astrid were amber and I always thought she knew a lot more than what she has told to her family…maybe even something that could help them to save their universe.
    From the promo of next episode that i’ve seen, it seems that Windmark would have planned everything to make Peter an observer..and this thing was already anticipated in the video shown at the comic con where Peter was dressed as an observer .. so it was not a big surprise!!!What remains unclear is why Windmark wants Peter to be an observer ..Is this Peter’s destiny from the beginning?
    So in a nutshell i still have many doubts about this last season…i like this show so much…and i really don’t want an end like Lost end…without real answers and with more confusion about the storyline will be really bad!!!
    Of Course all the actors are doing a great job ..i mean John Noble really deserves an award for his amazing performance as Doctor Water Bishop… and Anna Torv is simply awesome…she plays three characters in one season, and one of them was a male role….she is really talented!!
    Anyway see Peter become an Observer Is a little bit creepy….but the good music in the soundtrack helps!! :))

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