Fringe: Beyond the Fringe


by Megan Gotch (@thenerdygirlie)

Fringe: Beyond the Fringe, a graphic novel written by series star Joshua Jackson, is a great way to get back into the world of the TV show and explore the characters in alternate realities.

The first story, “Peter and the Machine,” follows Peter (Jacksons’ character) during his time between season three and four.  As a “Fringie,” reading these stories is an awesome way to delve deep into things we would not otherwise get to see.  Since this is the last season of Fringe, it is nice to know that the world and characters we love will be able to live on in different ways.

The rest of the book tells fun “Imagine If…?” stories. We get the same characters we know and love, but in totally different situations from how we normally get to see them. “Imagine If Peter Never Died,” “Imagine If Astrid was a Spy,” “Imagine If Olivia and Peter had a Child with Cortexiphan Powers,” “Imagine If Peter were a Superhero,” “Imagine If Our Fringe Team were Criminals,” “Imagine If Walter Outlived the Earth,” “Imagine If Walter was in Violet Sedan Chair,” and lastly “Ghost Writer.”  It is hard to pick a favorite because they are all so unique, but the one about Peter and Olivia’s child had a sweet and surprise ending that my mushy heart could not ignore!

That being said, there was not a story I did not like. They were all so creative. There was drama mixed with comedy, and of course, sci-fi. And Fringe would not be Fringe without its Easter eggs.  Tiny bits from the show are hidden in the pictures and jokes. The artists on this project should also be commended because without them, the story would just be in your imagination.  Each story has a unique art style, bringing the words to life.

So if you are a fan, and I imagine you are if you are reading this, hurry and download the book to your KindleNook or download and read on your PC/Mac. (You can also order a hardcopy and re-read it later!)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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