First Look: Star Wars and the Power of Costume


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


You know what, nerds? Andy Williams was right: it really IS the most wonderful time of the year.  Oh, not because of the holidays or anything, but because a new Star Wars movie is coming out and the world has basically become a “Yub Nub” singalong.  So while thousands of tourists flock to the Big Apple for their annual pilgrimage to Rockefeller Center and its gigantic tree, let me give you an even BETTER reason to get your butts to New York City, posthaste.


Star Wars and the Power of Costume” is a new exhibition opening on November 14th at Discovery Times Square in New York.  I was lucky enough to preview the exhibit before it opened to the public, and if you’re a Star Wars fanatic like I am, you are going to go out of your Jedi-lovin’ mind!  The exhibit features over 70 costumes straight from the actual films scattered throughout 15 galleries, as well as other props and artifacts from Lucasfilm and the Lucas Museum.  Let me tell you, I geeked out something FIERCE when I found out that I was looking at the R2D2 and C3PO FROM THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY.  No offense, BB-8, but I don’t know you that well, yet.



While there were several droids made for production, these three were actually included in the filming of their respective films in the Star Wars Universe. I’ll be honest, I wanted to steal R2.


But it’s not just the costumes, either.  Each gallery contains behind-the-scenes looks at the design and creation of the pieces, including original sketches and interactive slideshows featuring the films’ costume designers and Smithsonian curators.  The amount of detail and work that went into each costume is incredible!  Not only that, but the exhibit does an amazing job of exploring the character journeys and symbolism shown in the costumes, from Queen Amidala’s opulent gowns to Luke’s Jedi robes.



Yes, there’s even Leia’s infamous slave outfit. Get an eyeful while you can, since Disney is rumored to be “retiring” the outfit for good.  Also, MAN do I love her Boushh armor.


In addition to the costumes, there’s also some pretty cool photo ops and interactive stations.  Ever fancy a picture with Han, frozen in carbonite? Or wanted to see yourself in a Stormtrooper costume? Or as Darth Vader?  I mean, you can even go through swatches of the materials used for certain costumes!



Apparently, original Stormtrooper costumes are EXTREMELY rare, since none of them held up that well. The one on display at the exhibit is one of the very few still left in existence.


Though a similar version of the exhibition ran in Seattle over the past few months, it’s been completely redesigned for its stay in New York and contains quite a few costumes and props that will be shown only at Discovery Times Square.  So if you want to see costumes from a little film called The Force Awakens, you better make sure to get yourself to New York before the exhibition closes, because you’re not going to see them anywhere else!


Discovery Times Square is no stranger to hosting awesomely nerdy exhibits like this one- before Star Wars moved in, they played host to The Avengers and they’re about to close up shop on their current Hunger Games exhibit in early January.  The good news is that their Star Wars exhibit will be sticking around until September.  So, you know, if you happen to be coming to the city to catch a certain actor in his return to Broadway this spring, you should definitely make plans to stop by Discovery Times Square during your stay.


Star Wars and the Power of Costume” Exhibition will be at Discovery Times Square from November 14, 2015 through September 5th, 2016.  For tickets and more information, visit their website at  You can also follow them on Twitter at @DiscoveryTS.  When visiting the exhibition, make sure to share your thoughts and photos with the hashtag “#StarWarsCostumes”!


And may the Force be with you… always.




  1. DeeZeeNovember 13th, 2015 at 11:48 am

    Are they serious with the $27.50 ticket price? The Museum of Modern Art is $25.00…and that would take you hours to see everything.

  2. PrinNovember 13th, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Ooh, reminds me of the Doctor Who Exhibition, glad this one’s staying open for so long!

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