Nerd HQ Gaming First Look: Night in the Woods


By Paige Mount and Loud Josh

Night In The Woods is a game with two sides. One requires you to be a detective searching for clues about a missing friend, possible killer and the mystery behind the main character Mae. While the other is filled with the everyday questions of whether or not to eat your friend’s pizza crust, how long is too long to play a computer game and how to explain dropping out of college to every bird, bear and crocodile in town. The game itself is visually stunning and NerdHQ Gaming is excited to delve deeper into the world Infinite Fall has created. Presenting this week’s Game of the Week here is your first look at Night In The Woods:

1) What specific elements of the game really stood out to you?

P: The visual look of the game is stunning. It’s actually what drew me to the game in the first place and I was not disappointed. The game is absolutely beautiful. 
LJ: The character interactions are hilarious. Never in my life have I imagined myself identifying as a female, feline flunky, and I love it! Meeeeow!

2) How engaging was the game’s story?

P: The gameplay really relies on how you want to play the story, which makes each game a unique experience to the specific player. I really enjoy that you can choose to talk to everyone on the block or just pass them by and get to the checkpoint. You can make the world as big as you want to make it but there is also an underlying goal and mystery to solve that drives the story forward…. But seriously Who’s arm is that?!!!
LJ: This game is all story! Take the time to talk to everyone, read everything, and explore everywhere. The “choose your own adventure” element to the story’s dialogue really hits home as I can customize Mae to be just as snarky as I am in real life.

3) How did you find the controls and the game play?

P: The controls were nice and simple; you can learn the controls without a tutorial.
LJ: The controls are incredibly simplistic. Mechanically, this game plays as a basic sidescroller. The real victory here is the beautifully stylized art.

4) Were there any glaring problems with the game?

P: Nothing so far, I’ve been really enjoying it. I’m a narrative gamer so any time I can delve into a new world I’m right at home. 
LJ: No.

5) What was the most exciting moment of your game play so far?

P: Oh definitely the band practice!! It was bringing me back to my guitar hero days and who doesn’t love a good sing along.
LJ: The games within the game are highly addicting. Singing along with my emo band in a guitar heroesque simulation and fighting skele-cats in a classic 8-bit dungeon crawler were excellent additions to the main story line.

6) How likely are you to continue playing the rest of the game?

P: I will be glued to this game until I beat it. I need to solve all the mysteries while being an angsty cat.
LJ: I’m hooked. I can’t wait to see where the story takes me…Mae…me.

7) How would you rank this game?

P: I rank this game 8 out of 10 excited Gregg wiggly arms
LJ: 4.7 out of 5 Meow Meow Beans

8) How does this game compare to other’s in its franchise (or other similar titles)?

P: It actually reminds me a lot of another favorite game of mine, “Gone Home”. That mystery of coming home and everything being different, having to solve what had happened while you were away, but with the addition of a ‘choose your own adventure’ dialogue. And with beautiful art work to boot Night In The Woods has me hooked. 
LJ: Personally, I’ve never played a game like this before, but if there are other games out there like this, then I cannot wait to try those out as well, though I’d have to say Night In The Woods definitely sets the bar high.

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