FIFA 16 Releases Trailer Showcasing Exciting New Addition


By Karen Valenzuela, @VictoriaNoir89

Let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) have been having an awful time of it these past two weeks. And awful is an understatement. What with the large amount of high-ranking FIFA officials being indicted and arrested last week for money laundering, bribery, racketeering—just to name a few of the serious charges they face—and then Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, resigning just two days after being reelected for a fifth term…FIFA has been brought to its knees, after enjoying years of what seemed like complete invincibility.

So the announcement of their latest videogame in the popular FIFA series produced by EA Games seemed pretty untimely when it came out a few days ago. Business as usual for FIFA. And in spite of all of the “Shame Shame We Know Your Name” the organization is currently dealing with (or doing their best not to deal with because sticking lots of money in their ears and going “LA LA LA” seems to be FIFA’s usual cup o’ tea), the release of FIFA 16’s official trailer created a massive Internet sensation. Granted, this was before Sepp “Emperor Palpatine” Blatter’s reelection and resignation, both of which quickly swallowed up any and all other things happening in world news.
A mostly positive uproar happened when the game’s first trailer focused solely on a new addition to FIFA 16, something we have not seen in any FIFA game prior to 16.

Yes. Finally. After years and years of petitions, letters, emails, begging, and even some anger (I won’t name any names it was me), FIFA 16 creators have put a legitimate effort into including women’s professional soccer athletes in game play. Gamers can now choose from 12 national women’s soccer teams: USA, Germany, Italy, Mexico, England, France, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, China, Spain, and Australia.


To the developers’ credit, this wasn’t simply copying and pasting lady heads with long hair onto man bodies and saying, “You’re welcome, women’s soccer fans!” Each individual player on all 12 teams’ rosters had their heads and faces scanned, as well as some different expressions. Facial features will look just like each individual player and will change during game play. And the real life players modeled for developers in order for them to emulate the way they move and run on the soccer pitch. Also, if the trailer is any indication, we even get to see their individual goal celebrations. This is undeniably rad. And yes, it’s also long overdue. But a step forward is a step forward, right?


There have been a few negative reactions from the usual culprits, a minority of gamers who feel as though EA Games is pandering to women by including female pros in the game. BuzzFeed covered the issue with their usual aplomb.

But in all seriousness, FIFA 16 allows its gamers the choice to play with whichever team he or she chooses, whether it’s a male team or a female team. If a player doesn’t want to use a women’s team, they can simply select a men’s team. There are plenty to choose from. FIFA games have over 600 clubs and 35 licensed leagues, and more than 16,000 male players. The fact that it took this long for them to include just 12 women’s national squads is almost laughable when they already included men’s teams from leagues that have almost no one in the stands during their matches, while some women’s teams have been breaking attendance records left and right in their respective countries. The USWNT consistently pulls in over 25,000 for tournaments and even friendly matches now. And with the World Cup starting in just two days, interest in the women’s side of the sport is going to shoot through the roof.

It should be noted that no women’s professional club teams are represented in the game, just national teams. This means if you choose to play with a women’s team, you can only compete in Match Day, Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches. This excludes women from season-long campaigns, which is certainly a drawback.


There has been no word yet on changes or improvements to game play outside of the addition of the women’s teams. And nobody knows if graphics have improved or if glitches have been fixed or prevented. But we will know soon enough.

Before FIFA 16’s official release in September of this year, I have a few suggestions for the developers that might up the fun-factor for the game:

1. In the halftime interim, we should get to play a 4 on 4 game of bubble soccer! If you’ve never seen bubble soccer, take a gander. Your life will be changed…that’s if you survive the laughter.
2. Allow us the ability to flop and/or dive, and completely embarrass ourselves in front of our friends! Why not? It would be so much fun. Although, if we’re going for realism, the diving should only pertain to the male teams. (Ouch. It’s true, though.)
3. Give us some realistic refereeing! We should be cursing the refs, frothing at the mouth because he/she is blind as a bat, or simply just phenomenally stupid. Bad offside calls, not blowing the whistle when there’s a clear penalty, or getting in the way of what would have been a beautiful breakaway pass that could’ve led to a goal – these are all imperative parts of the soccer fan experience! Thanks a lot, ref!

EA Games has announced that FIFA 16 will only be playable on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. But it looks like FIFA 16 will not be available on any Nintendo platforms.

There will definitely be many more announcements made about the game at E3 on June 15. And keep checking back here for more updates.

Check out the official FIFA 16 website!

And here is the epically awesome trailer EA Games released a few days ago:

GET PUMPED! Let us know what you think in the comments!

And watch the World Cup, which begins this Saturday June 6, airing live on FOX Sports 1. Because they’re officially in the game now.

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