Fantasy Football: Why the Seahawks Defense is the Best Around


by Alex Hall (@AlexKHall)

The Seattle Seahawks have been getting plenty of publicity due to their controversial victory on Monday Night Football Sept. 24 but fantasy owners shouldn’t forget how stingy their defense is due to the alleged touchdown play.

Seattle’s defense had 10 sacks, two interceptions, two fumbles and a touchdown against the Packers in Week 3. Essentially the same group of Green Bay players that won the Super Bowl just a few seasons ago in 2010.

Those insane statistics added up to 35 points for Seattle defense owners in Yahoo standard leagues. While it’s unlikely for the ‘Hawks defense to put up those kind of numbers each week, they’ve been putting up quality numbers all season long.

The Seahawks currently rank as the No. 4 defense in the league, thanks in part to their eight total takeaways and 20 sacks through three weeks of play. Those numbers didn’t come against scrub teams either; they actually came against the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys and Packers. All three of those teams combine for a 6-3 record so far this year.

It’s interesting that sites such as and Yahoo either ranked or had the majority of their users draft the San Francisco 49ers’ and Chicago Bears’ units ahead of the ‘Hawks before the season began.

Not saying those teams don’t have great defenses, and whole units of players are far more difficult to evaluate than just one player, but this hasn’t been an accurate prediction so far in the 2012 season.

Both the 49ers and Bears are ranked outside the top-five defensive units in the NFL so far this year and yet are far more publicized than this shutdown Seattle defense.

In fantasy, the statistics that get managers the most points on the defensive side are sacks, interceptions, fumbles and of course touchdowns. The Seahawks gave the managers savvy enough to play them in Week 3 at least one of each.

Seattle may not get a whole lot of national headlines outside of historic Monday Night Football gaffes, but its defense is for real. If for some reason one of the managers in your league dropped their defense, stop reading this article and pick them up immediately.

If they’re currently owned by someone else, I wouldn’t actively try to trade for the ‘Hawks D but if they ever end up on the waiver wire, do exactly what I said in the last sentence. The Seahawks have the talent to end the year as the best defense in both real and fantasy football, so it would be wise to get your hands on them if you can.

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