Fantasy Baseball Friday: Jarrod Parker’s Quiet Production


by Alex Hall (@AlexKHall)

Oakland Athletics pitcher Jarrod Parker is not a name that any fantasy baseball manager would want to call their Ace pitcher, but his recent streak of consistent production cannot be ignored.

He is not a sexy name in the same way the Athletics are not a sexy franchise, but quality production is hard to find this time of the season and Parker is certainly giving his owners that.

Parker is the No. 3 pitcher in Oakland’s rotation behind Brett Anderson and Tommy Milone, boasting the third best ERA on the five-man staff with a solid number of 3.56. This is the young hurler’s first full season in the MLB and paired with his sub-four ERA is 10 wins and 114 strikeouts on the year.

Alright, so the strikeouts aren’t exactly Matt Moore status, but it is a better mark than long-time Athletics pitcher Tim Hudson has put together this season. That kind of speaks to the type of pitcher Parker is, though, he’s much more Hudson than he is Moore.

Over Hudson’s career, he’s rarely recorded more than 150 strikeouts in a single-season, only doing so four times over his 13-year career. That hasn’t stopped him from winning 10 or more games in all but one season over that timeframe though.

Some pitchers are the like Moore and rely on the highlight-reel worthy strikeouts to get through six or seven innings of work and others are like Parker and Hudson who do so with fly or ground ball outs.

Since the start of August, Parker has given up five or more runs just once in nine starts and only playing less than six innings of ball twice over that period. He may only have three games with five or more strikeouts since Aug 1, but he’s also never given up more than five walks since then as well.

The former Arizona Diamondback is probably not going to make SportsCenter for an 11-strikeout, perfect game performance any time this season. He’s also not likely to wind up in a highlight giving up seven runs in just over three innings of work like strikeout stud Tim Lincecum did earlier this season.

Parker won’t ever blow you away when looking at his box score, but he is going to give you solid productivity that you can count on throughout the rest of this season.

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