Fallout Miniatures: Meet the Man Behind the Upcoming Game


By: Thomas Riccardi

When I first heard Bethesda was releasing Fallout 3 and it would be first person POV, I could not wait to play it. The game’s various environments to explore and people interact with, not to mention monsters to kill, sucked you in so hard. But what if you could take the Fallout experience beyond your console or computer and play it with friends? The folks over at Modiphius are hard at work at the first-ever, licensed Fallout miniatures game. I had a chance to catch up with Modiphius’ Chris Birch, and he had this to say about his upcoming project.

1.) Please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Chris Birch, founder and publisher of Modiphius Entertainment.

2.) Tell us a bit about Modiphius Entertainment.

We launched five years ago with Rita (my wife) and I working out of a basement flat in London. We had a string of successful Kickstarters for Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, the Thunderbirds co-op board game, Infinity, and Conan RPGs that helped grow the family business to the point we now employ around 15 full time staff as well as about 100 freelance writers, artists, designers, proofreaders, editors, and so on across the world. We’ve worked hard to have a great track record of awesome customer service and a great connection with our community, without whom I’d still be making T-shirts. 🙂

3.) Tell us more about the recently announced Fallout miniatures game.

It’s a miniatures wargame consisting of highly-detailed resin multi-part 32mm scale miniatures and terrain. Designed for groups of three up to 30 figures, we’ll be releasing the game in retail-friendly packs: starter sets for factions, expansion boxes, and a big two-player starter set in plastic. Players will be able to play each other, play solo against the game, or co-op vs. the game (or use the game as a third player in a vs. game).

4.) How is this game going to be sold (i.e. core sets, factions)?

Single-player Faction starter boxes, two-player starter boxes, and then a gradual rollout of expansion boxes for each faction. The factions won’t all releases at once; we’re starting with three, then the two-player starter box, and then the rest of the faction.

5.) What will be the price range of these miniatures?

Right now I can’t give a price, but they will be comparable to other major high-quality miniatures games.

6.) Are we just getting minis based on Fallout characters and monsters, or are we getting scenery as well?

Oh yes, scenery! We’re producing the Red Rocket and other familiar building from Sanctuary Hills, plus familiar things like rusted old cars, Nuka Cola machines, work benches, turrets, etc.

7.) Is this the first miniatures game Modiphius has put out?

Nope, we had the Achtung! Cthulhu skirmish miniatures game launch this spring, and we have the Star Trek Adventures miniatures line coming out in September and previewing at GenCon, then John Carter of Mars this summer, too.

8.) Seeing as this is a license held through Bethesda, is there a chance we might see more games based on other titles?

We’re just working on Fallout for now. But who knows? 🙂

9.) What would be one of the dream projects you would love to work on going forward?

Well, Star Trek and Fallout were dreams I had to work on, both of which we spent a long time putting the deals together. I’m not sure how much bigger you can get that’s not been done yet!

And there you have it. If you want to check out some of the images and announcements as they are released, you can point your browser over to Modiphius’ website. So get ready, folks, because there is about to be a war and war…war never changes.

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