Exclusive: This Star Wars/Day of the Dead Mashup Artwork Will Make Your Day


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)


Star Wars has been beloved across the world since its release in 1977. It has an almost religious following, with 330,000 people even claiming Jedi as their religion in England in 2011. And with the first of the new movies coming out in December, a whole new generation of people will now become fans of this enduring series.


Because of the spirituality involved in both Star Wars and the upcoming Day of the Dead, Fandango has asked five artists to reimagine their favorite characters in that iconic art style.


Take a look at the artwork below and get excited for both holidays! (Wait, you’re telling me Star Wars’ release day isn’t a holiday? Well, it should be!)


For more information about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and to buy tickets to the film, check out Fandango.


fandango_Princess Leia Day of the Dead- Orlando Arocena- vector

Art by: Orlando Arocena

Instagram: mexifunk



Art by: Jose Emroca Flores

Instagram: emroca



Art by: Roman Cortez

Instagram: romancortez



Art by: Jesse Hernandez

Instagram: urbanaztec



Art by: Eric Gonzalez

Instagram: muertoons

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