Everything You Need to Know About Johnny Galecki’s Upcoming Show SciJinks


By: Michaela Bush

Who wants some good prank ideas? This won’t be in time for April Fool’s Day – sorry! – but it’s never too soon to start fueling up for next year (or when you just really want to freak out your coworkers).

Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory) is set to be an executive producer and appear in a new Science Channel series called SciJinks. In the series, Galecki will bring together a team of scientists who will draw from several scientific fields (physics, tech, engineering, chemistry, etc.) to fascinate and educate the audience. Each episode will include scientists, STEM students, physicists, and – of course – Galecki.

“One of the most rewarding elements of being on The Big Bang Theory has been being approached by younger people who claim they never before had considered a life in the sciences until watching the show. Our goal on Big Bang is to make people laugh. These kids are molding our culture, building our future, and even curing our diseases. SciJinks is a way to celebrate them and hopefully inspire more young people to follow in their footsteps – while having an absurdly good and mischievous time,” said Galecki.

I’m not sure if straight-laced high school science teachers will appreciate this show if kids start trying out these pranks, but hey, if it generates an interest and educates kids in an appealing way, no problem.

SciJinks will be produced by Alcide Bava Productions (Galecki’s company) and A. Smith & Co. Productions for the Science Channel. Galecki and Andrew Haas are executive producers from their company; Frank Sinton, Arthur Smith, and Toby Gorman are executive producers for A. Smith & Co. Productions; Caroline Perez is an executive producer for the Science Channel. Writers Patrick Walsh and Spencer Medof will also be working on the series. So far, only eight half-hour episodes have been ordered for the new show, but you can’t set your DVRs yet – it isn’t scheduled to premiere until the final quarter of 2017. SciJinks is one of three new series announced so far in the Science Channel’s 2017-2018 upfront slate.

Who plans to watch?

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