Everybody Loves Tank Girl


by Caleb Paullus (@theurbanraptor)

You may be familiar with our awesome line of Mahfood Hoodies, Long Sleeves and Tees, and if you are then you MUST be aware that Jim Mahfood is the awesomely-talented artist behind Tank Girl.

What? You aren’t? Well EVERYBODY LOVES TANK GIRL. Seriously, they do!


Everyone’s favorite outback anarchist is back to blow things up, swear profusely and offend the elderly! Alan C. Martin teams up with wunderkind Jim Mahfood to bring you Tank Girl as you’ve never seen her: wild, raw, foul-mouthed and forever rockin’ but rendered in a style that will bring pleasure to thine eyes. Meet The Wee Wee Brothers, travel south to a Hippie Fest with all the gang, take a tour around Booga’s factory, and let Tank Girl show you How To Dress Quite Good.

Now, Tank Girl is not for everyone (specifically people who do not enjoy violence, swearing, and sexy ladies kicking butt) so be warned, there is graphic violence and language. If you appreciate the wonderful work of Jim Mahfood, this is a nice piece to grab for any comic / graphic novel collection. It is available in Hard Back on Amazon for a good deal (Amazon Prime).


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  1. GroovyNerdMandyMarch 1st, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Kick @ss, I can’t wait to read it!

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