Entrepreneurship Meets Space Crafting in Farlight


In an effort to build more content about one of our biggest passions, Nerd HQ is pushing towards building relationships with board game publishers and engaging actively in the diffusion of such a wonderful Nerdom. If you have a game you’d like to see us review, let us know!
Today, we present Farlight, a sci-fi themed tabletop game by Game Salute, where we embrace the role of “space entrepreneurs” who need to build the best and brightest spacecraft. Each player manages one of the corporate organizations that are trying to get the biggest share of the to-do list the galaxy has to offer. The mechanics are based on a bidding system, which adds the necessary bluff component to conquer the high ground and get the best parts for your craft. All in all, it looks like an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master type of game. Which we love. A lot.
From game designer Nick Sibicky, Farlight allows 2-5 players to test their friendship strength in a 45-60 minutes space odyssey. Their Kickstarter has already reached their goal and the response was so good that they already unlocked three of the stretch goals, including a new corporation to play with. The basic pledge is $25 (plus shipping) and it is estimated to be delivered by Game Salute by October 2017. The company is also responsible behind the Kickstarter success Black Orchestra, a game we will be reviewing in the near future!

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