Emerald City Recap: The Beast Forever


By Nicola Ogston
There have been various adaptions of the original children’s book The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz by L Frank Baum. I’ve only ever seen the original film, the 1985 Return to Oz, the 2007 TV mini series Tin Man and the 2013 Oz The Great And Powerful. But I know the rough story – Dorothy is transported from Kansas to Oz in a tornado, she has a dog called Toto and kills a witch by landing a house on her. Travels the yellow brick road to find the Wizard who she believes can send her home, meeting the scarecrow, tin man and lion on her journey.
From the beginning of The Beast Forever, its clear that this trip to Oz is like no other. There are some serious dark undertones with the narrative embroiled with violence, torture, sex, hatred, deceit, death and drugs.

In this variation, Dorothy was abandoned by her birth mother and was brought up by the Gale family. Its whilst seeking answers from her birth mother that Dorothy is swept up in a tornado – transporting her to Oz inside a police cruiser with a police dog in the back. During her arrival, Dorothy is involved in an accident concerning The Witch of the East – who dies when Dorothy tricks her into shooting herself with a handgun.
As we move through this episode, it becomes apparent that the Wizard hates magic he has outlawed the practice of it, meaning that the cardinal witches: The Witch of the West and Glinda The Witch of the North, have to seek other occupations with West running a brothel and Glinda providing girls for the Wizards high council. Glinda has a few secrets and isn’t as good as we would expect.
Even though we are a mere episode into the series, I’m definitely looking forward to exploring more of the dark themes and wizardry that Emerald City has to offer.

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