Elementary: The Red Team


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


As we recall from the previous episode, Holmes was about to kill the man, “M.” who he believes killed Irene. Turns out this man didn’t kill Irene. Well, the NYPD frowns upon taking matters into your own hands, so, regardless if you’re a consultant or not, you will be suspended. Which brings us to the current episode with Holmes is just such a situation: suspended.

Without anything to do with his time now, Holmes likes to casually go on conspiracy theory websites and post new theories (now we know where many of these conspiracy theories come from, thanks Sherlock!). Unfortunately, one of Holmes “friends,” Len, in the conspiracy theory world hasn’t responded in some time. And Holmes, be Holmes, decides to go to where this person lives, only to find him dead. Well, we know Holmes will stick to his suspension and leave the case alone right? Yeah… right…

It turns out that Len was interested in war games that went on in 2009. The difference between these war games and war games of every other year is that the government kept all the details from being released to the public. This could only mean that something woefully wrong happened during these war games and the United States government didn’t want it released as other parties could get the information and exploit the hole in America’s security. Thus Holmes, with his infinite free time, must find out which “civilians” were a part of these war games and get the information from them.

However, it seems that one of these civilians was killed in a mugging while another is in a long-term care facility with Alzheimer’s disease. Holmes visits the man with Alzheimer’s and comes away with the conclusion that he was poisoned and has symptoms that are like Alzheimer’s. Hethen calls Detective Bell to give his theory but Bell says they’ve arrested the guy who killed Len. Holmes goes to the precinct to interrogate this man but is called out by Gregson and told to leave the precinct; he’s suspended, and if he’s caught there again, he’ll be arrested. But this doesn’t deter our Holmes! Bel later calls Holmes saying the guy with Alzheimer’s was poisoned and he wants to hear Holmes’ theories.

Holmes has the rest of the Red Team brought in for questioning but they refuse to talk and leave. Later, two agents show up at Holmes’ home saying that a man, who was a part of the Red Team, was killed, but Holmes has an alibi so they let him go. He then calls Bell to have the rest of the members taken into custody for protection. Sherlock visits one of the other Red Team members, Dresyden, and says he needs to get to the hotel as someone is killing their members. Upon leaving, Holmes has a revelation that Dresyden is actually the culprit.

Holmes arrives at the hotel and finds a standoff with Dresden locked inside a hotel room with a detective hostage. Holmes asks to go in and talk with him. The detective tells Dresden that he knows what the secret was so killing the Red Team members is pointless because he has already spread the information to a colleague. Dresden, after hearing Holmes tell him what happened during the 2009 War Games, gives himself up to police.

Later, Holmes meets with Gregson at a bar to apologize for his actions with “M.” However, his apology isn’t what you would expect a normal apology to be like and Gregson ends up punching him in the stomach and telling Holmes that he’ll never trust him again.

This episode was as it should have been. With Moriarty being brought up in the last episode, it was far too early to bring Holmes eventual arch nemesis into the series. I mean, we’re only on season one! Why they did bring it up so early in the series is beyond me at this point and leaves us, as viewers, wanting to explore how they’ll further develop that storyline. But alas, we will have to wait fellow viewers. It would have also been nice to know what the exact secret the government covered up was regarding the 2009 War Games, but that part was left unsaid. This happens to be the mark of a good series though. It may infuriate at times by not giving us every detail we want, but it keeps us guessing and brings out our own inner Sherlock Holmes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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