Elementary: The Leviathan


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)

Spoiler Alert!

“The Leviathan” opens with a group of men breaking into a bank vault and stealing what appears to be expensive jewelry. Obviously, this episode is going to be about Holmes solving the case of who robbed the bank. When we see Holmes, he’s at home with two scantily clad women who happen to be leaving. The door rings, and a man, who was referred to see Holmes from a friend in London, is at the door. He was the developer of The Leviathan bank vault that was breached at a diamond exchange the previous night. The contents: $40 million worth of diamonds.

Holmes visits the vault, sitting in front of it for seventeen hours without being able to figure out how the robbers were able to access it. Out of frustration, he takes an axe and destroys the code panel. The next day, Holmes goes through a list of robbers who broke into a Leviathan vault in 2009 and wonders if the secret may have been sold to someone. Watson, in the meantime, goes out to an awkward lunch with her mom. I’m surprised she doesn’t have more psychological issues with such an overbearing mother.

After Holmes speaks to one of the original vault breakers, he finds out the codes were sold to a man called Le Chevalier, whose true identity is Peter Kent. Holmes and Watson go to visit the home to see it’s decorated in original art pieces worth tens of millions of dollars. The only problem is Peter Kent had a stroke two years prior and hasn’t moved or spoken since. The duo takes some of the loot from Peter Kent’s home and returns it to Gregson, but Holmes holds on to one painting (worth $50 million dollars!) to give him inspiration as he tries to solve the case.

That night, Holmes goes over the court transcripts from the 2009 trial and wakes Watson early in the morning to go look at one of the exhibits from the case. It’s a coffee order but there’s actually a code at the bottom very few people can break. Once deciphered, it shows an algorithm to predict the code sequencing on the Leviathan vault. Soon, Holmes puts together that the robbers were a part of the jury from the original trial and starts hunting them down to question them, only to discover that they are all being killed.

Holmes has Gregson call in all the jury members to get a DNA sample. However, after blood is found at one of the crime scenes indicate a female military member stationed overseas, things don’t add up. Watson notices that one of the jury suspects had a previous bone marrow transplant. It just so happens his marrow was infused by this solider, who was a donor. They confront him, offering a bargain if he gives up their ring leader. However, it’s hinted that someone bigger was behind the whole thing. Holmes is sent two bottle of expensive champagne for his efforts (perfect gift to send a recovering addict) and Holmes returns the $50 million dollar painting, although it did look nice on his wall.

As a whole, the episode was very strong but it didn’t necessarily feel like a mid-season finale in any sense.  Some cliffhanger was expected and we didn’t really get that. I guess one could argue that the “real” criminal behind the burglary was not apprehended and is on the loose. Will this person play a role in future episodes? Could this unknown mastermind be Moriarty in the making? Time will tell, and until then, it’s time to enjoy the holidays!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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