Elementary: Risk Management


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


We’re back and the plot thickens as Moriarty becomes a more prominent character in Holmes’ world. The episode begins with Holmes and Moriarty having a phone conversation while Watson records it. Moriarty requests Holmes solve a case for him, and in return, he’ll receive the answers he’s been so desperate to have: that of Irene. Holmes takes the case to find the killer of a man named Wallace Rourke, who was stabbed to death a few months back in an alley.

They speak to Rourke’s wife who says her husband felt someone was following him before he was killed. Rourke’s phone had been stolen and he was given a new one, provided by Sutter Risk Management Firm that was tracking him. Holmes deduces that Darren Sutter, the CEO, had a sister that was killed and says that Rourke did it, so he got his revenge. Case closed.

Moriarty calls Holmes and informs him that he has the wrong man. Darren didn’t kill Rourke, so he gets no information. Holmes goes back on the case, more frustrated than ever. Moriarty is obviously smarter than him and manipulating the situation, and Holmes, blinded by his anger and need for answers, bears the stress and pushes on while Watson, understandingly, worries.

After a blow up by Holmes, Watson is able to find information which suggests that Darren’s wife, Katie, was the murderer of his sister and told Darren that it was Rourke. Holmes, along with Watson and Gregson, confronts Katie, who eventually confesses to the murder. Holmes goes to tell Darren the truth of his sister’s death, then receives a call from Moriarty, who gives him an address for answers. Watson calls and asks if Moriarty called, to which Holmes lies and says no. He then heads to the address.

At the address, Watson walks up on him and confronts him about lying. She had his phone tracked, to which Holmes says this is personal. Watson says it’s personal to her as well and that they are partners. They enter and look around, stumbling upon a room playing music with pictures being painted. Holmes stops when he sees the back of a woman who is painting and breaks down. He calls out Irene, and she turns around to reveal the woman he thought was dead.

Another wonderful episode, two weeks in a row! While the show is great on its own, I personally enjoy the fact that the writers have now raised the stakes and provided Holmes with a true equal who will challenge him and take him on new roads of character development and study. Before Moriarty, the show was following a single formula each episode. Now, though the formula is the same, there are new elements which make the show “fresh” again.

Not only did Holmes have a breakdown this episode, maybe another minor or two breakdowns during the episode as well, but we now have the introduction of Irene to the series. Now we can only assume an episode will arise which demonstrates the history of Holmes and Irene and his fall into the world of drugs, but how does this new dynamic play out? And with Irene on board, where does that leave Watson? She was offered a sober companion job by Gregson as he thinks being around Holmes is dangerous and he wants to look out for her. So much is up in the air right now.

Then there is Moriarty. Now that Holmes has found Irene, and solved the case for Moriarty, who it appears already knew who murdered Rourke, what do we do with that character? Moriarty said he is the spider sitting motionless in the center of his web, knowing everything that happens and directing all things. So will he continue to test Holmes and break him down? And what is his fascination with Holmes now? So many questions still to be answered. Until next week!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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