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by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


So far in this inaugural season of Elementary, we’ve been introduced to a new telling of the Sherlock Holmes story but not much has been paid to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s version. That is, until recently. We’ve been introduced to Irene Adler, in name at least. She’s already dead in this telling. But now we are introduced to “M” in the most recent episode. Who is M?

Early on, as with all episodes, a man is killed, hung from a tripod device his time around. His throat is slit while the murdered watches soccer (or is it futbol?) on the TV. Next day, Holmes and Watson are called in to see the crime, only to find a puddle of blood remaining. Holmes says he knows who did the crime as he’s seen it before. It was “M.” Watson, knowing she’s on her final days with Holmes, tells him she’ll miss this, and by this she means working with him and watching how he solves cases.

Luckily, for the case, Holmes is well aware of how “M” operates. However, “M” doesn’t have a kill pattern, doesn’t profile victims… there’s no method to the madness. But Holmes has a personal vendetta as he’s the reason for Irene’s death. Holmes and Watson later go home to find their place has been vandalized and “M” has left a note on Holmes’ wall for the authorities. Gregson then stations police outside Holmes’ home for protection. But Holmes is self-reliant. He pulls out a tape from a hidden camera he has had set up and watches the video, able to see who “M” really is.

The next day, a guy selling knock off watches bumps into “M.” Later, the seller shows up at Holmes’ home telling Watson that Holmes paid him to look for this guy and that the found him and wants his money. When Holmes returns, Watson confronts him about the hidden video cameras and the pictures of “M.” He explains “M” killed Irene and that it is personal. She threatens to tell Gregson if Holmes plans on doing something rash, and Holmes advises her to do what she feels she must as he will do the same.

Later, Holmes follows “M” to a hotel where he’s setting up another tripod to kill a woman, but Holmes intervenes and takes him to an undisclosed location before Gregson is able to arrive. Holmes tells “M” he’ll now have his vengeance. “M” laughs at it and says he’s not the reason for everything, that he’s just a hired killer for someone named Moriarty and that his name is Sebastian. He says he never killed Irene as he was in prison at that time. Holmes later finds evidence to back up the story. At the precinct, Sebastian says he was going to kill Holmes but was bested. Watson decides to contact Holmes’ father as she feels she should stay on. In his response, he tells her he does not want her there anymore. When Holmes asks what his father said, she tells him that his father agreed and that she’ll be staying with him for a little while longer. We are left with Holmes smiling while looking at a notecard with the name “Moriarty” on it.

Now this was the episode we’ve been waiting for this season. We finally are able to merge present Sherlock with the story we’re all so aware of with the introduction of Moriarty. The fact that Moriarty was involved with so many cases Holmes worked on in London and has now found him in America adds to the knowledge we have of Moriarty’s intelligence and being a superb nemesis for our “hero.” The fact that he was involved with Irene’s death adds another level to the character of Holmes, and if this episode was any foreshadowing, may indicate that Holmes isn’t able to control his emotions when it comes to avenging Irene.

On another note, this episode brought out more emotion from Holmes seen through the wonderful performance of Johnny Lee Miller. The way he tries to belittle Watson or talk down to her may appear as being childish or insulting via anger, but in reality it’s his way of dealing with the inner pain of knowing he’s losing his only real friend. I really liked the moment early on when Watson says she’ll miss everything with him and how it comes around at the end with Holmes saying the exact same thing, but this being 100% sincere from him. You hear the pain and sorrow in his voice as he delivers the line and really realize the depth of the connection between Holmes and Watson in that moment. Beautiful. And with that, the stage has now been set for a deep introduction to Moriarty as Watson sticks around to help Holmes.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. MeghanJanuary 15th, 2013 at 6:23 am

    Did anyone else notice that the message Watson received was from an M. Holmes?

  2. JustinJanuary 15th, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Maybe it meant “From M. To Holmes”?

  3. LorenaJanuary 16th, 2013 at 8:42 am

    Nah, I actually think that the “M.Holmes” is for Mycroft Holmes, who is Sherlock´s Older borther in the books, and I will be enchated if that´s true because Mycroft is my favorite character of the Sherlock Holmes series and that will be great because he is even smarter than Sherlock.

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