Elementary: Dead Man’s Switch


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


Elementary is FINALLY back, and with it, a wonderful little episode. It is about to be the one year anniversary of Holmes sobriety, however, he’s not thrilled and does not want to celebrate. Alfredo, his sponsor, comes to him with a case. Alfredo’s sponsor, Ken, is being blackmailed. Ken’s daughter was raped sometime back and is being asked for $10,000 or the rape video will hit the internet. Should anything happen to said blackmailer, he has a Dead Man’s Switch in place: an accomplice who will release the video. Holmes hates blackmailers and rapists and is more than willing to take the case.

Holmes traces the emailed demands to the home of Charles Milverton and breaks in to find several more videos, like the one of Eva, on his laptop. Milverton returns too quickly for Sherlock to get out of the house, so he is there to witness the Milverton’s murder at the hands of an unidentifiable suspect. The next day, Holmes and Watson go visit a man in prison with a connection while Alfredo has is watching Milverton’s place. Alfredo calls when a heavyset man in cowboy boots shows up, and this guy happens to be Sheriff Duke of Duke Law Offices.

Holmes and Watson go visit this Sheriff, only to find he was another blackmail victim. By this point, the news is out that Milverton is dead, after Anthony Pistone (another rape victim’s father) is found dumping a body in wet cement, yet no videos have gone online, giving Holmes and Watson more time. Soon, Holmes and Watson put the connection together with a Stuart Bloom, who has won multiple lawsuits under different names. They go to visit Mr. Bloom, only to find his house covered in pounds of kitty litter and his body dead in the bathtub. On another note, blackmail emails are still going out.

Eventually, Holmes is able to put it together. There were multiple people involved in the blackmail plot and they started getting greedy, which led to them killing each other. Milverton killed Bloom, and Pistone killed Milverton, leaving the blackmail business to Pistone and his brother. They find Pistone at the station, being ready to be released from jail after what he did to Milverton. Gregson says they found Milverton’s laptop at Pistone’s office, not smashed, as he said it had been. It was in the desk of his brother, who confessed to helping and sending the note to Ken and now Pistone will be going back to prison for blackmail, among other charges.

While much of this episode focused on the blackmail attempts and finding who is behind it, the real emotional focus was on Holmes and his sober-versary. Alfredo reminds him of it and asks him to come, yet Holmes explains he doesn’t like the fact of celebrating the anniversary of something he’s done that was really bad. Alfredo eventually tells him that it’s not about him, but that he stands as a beacon for others to see and know that they, too, can be successful.

Later in the episode, Holmes has a heartfelt moment, explaining to Watson that on the day he “became” sober, he used drugs, so his actual anniversary is off by one day. Because he’s a man of detail, this was very important to him and he hadn’t found the courage to tell Alfredo just yet. The emotion that was displayed in that scene, for me, was the best part of the episode and one of the most powerful scenes of the season.

And with this episode, we are now set to being our run to the finish line of season one, and the introduction of Moriarty, should next week’s preview be any indication. It seems Moriarty is going to come to the front of Holmes’ investigations and trying to find the man who was responsible for the death of his beloved. Also, we’ll see what the fascination is that Moriarty holds for Holmes. It should be a good May for Elementary!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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