Elementary: A Landmark Story


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


The countdown to the end of season one continues. This week, a man named Phillip comes home to find someone sitting on his couch. Unfortunately, this mystery man, Daniel, is able to control the pacemaker in his chest and has him sign a petition before killing him off using his own pacemaker against him. In prison, Moran (Vinnie Jones) sees the news on TV and calls Holmes for a meeting.

Holmes goes to the meeting and Moran tells him that he was initially supposed to kill Phillip and that his death was no mistake. If he can find the killer, he’ll be one step closer to finding Moriarty. Holmes wants to look at the body, so he and Watson break into a mortuary and do their own autopsy. Watson says that there isn’t a sign of a heart attack, but more that his heart was fried, which boiled his blood and killed him. Holmes finds a connection between Phillip and a man who does remodeling, Robert, who just happened to be killed by a falling air conditioner. Holmes thinks the same person may be involved, to Watson’s disbelief. But Holmes proves his theory and believes Moriarty is behind it all, so they need to catch the person doing the killings that appear to be freak accidents.

Holmes believes the next target is a woman named Hillary Taggart. He follows her daily routine and at a park, finds a tree with Africanized killer bees inside and a “food source” near Hillary’s running path. That night, Holmes and Watson notice a guy going to replenish the food source and catch him. It happens to be Daniel, and after a brief discussion, he admits to killing thirty-one people and that he doesn’t know Moriarty, he just receives messages. Daniel mentions that back in London, he received a message with Holmes’ face to kill him, but later received a message saying that it was “canceled.” This was the only time a hit had been canceled. Hmm…

Holmes, using Daniel’s phone, sets up a meeting with Moriarty. He and Watson wait outside the meeting place and find a man inside, who isn’t Moriarty, but was sent in his place. They follow him, but a train passes by, blocking their view. Holmes takes out a camera and takes rapid pictures, able to later cut slivers together to create a face. Holmes finds the man in the created photo, who says he’s not Moriarty and explains that Irene had to die. But before any further information is shared, he is shot in the back from a distance rifle and killed.

Back at the precinct, Daniel is telling everything when his phone goes off with a message. Holmes asks him to decode it but he doesn’t recognize that code. Holmes goes to visit Moran who looks at it and also says he can’t decode it. Holmes knows he’s lying but Moran tells him to leave it. Later, Moran is in his cell singing, stands up, walks to the mirror and bangs his head against it repeatedly. Holmes, at home, deciphers the code which says, “Moran you never told me you had a sister. She dies or you do your choice. M.” Holmes calls Gregson to tell him to get Moran but it’s too late, Moran is already dead. Holmes is upset that Moriarty tricked him into delivering the message to Moran, when the phone rings. Moriarty is on the phone and wants to meet.

This was one of the finer episodes of the season. While each episode has its own uniqueness and we’re able to delve deeper into Holmes or the relationship between he and Watson, this episode had it all. It was inevitable that Moriarty would come about eventually, but watching the new dynamic that this character has on Holmes is a joy to perceive. And he hasn’t even made an appearance on screen yet! Add to that the fact that Holmes has met his equal in terms of intelligence and cunning, and you have the making of a great story arc. But how does it all play out in the end? Will they be able to sustain a Holmes/Moriarty conflict over seasons? We’ll have to leave that up to the writers.

It was nice to have Vinnie Jones back. Although his character was only in two episodes, he had a big impact on Holmes and the overall endgame of this season. He introduced the idea of Moriarty in the episode “M” and now has given us Moriarty’s voice. Vinnie Jones is an imposing presence on screen and played his part well. I can see Holmes, at a later date, meeting up with Moran’s sister and giving his condolences.

And finally Holmes and Watson… I love them together and truly hope it doesn’t become ruined with a love story as so many other series has happened. It becomes more and more clear that Holmes needed Watson in his life, explaining to her that she’s the reason he’s not out for blood like he was last time with Moran. In essence, Watson has made Holmes into a better, more-focused man. Holmes goes so far as to tell Watson, “The thing that’s different about me, empirically speaking, is you,” which she says is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her. By the end, we know Holmes will follow Moriarty down the rabbit hole and that Watson will be there with him to the bitter end.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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