Elementary: A Giant Gun Filled with Drugs


by Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)


The episode starts out like most every other episode… you know, someone is about to die. A young woman returns home in the evening after a run and goes inside her home. A knock is at the door and a man wants to come in to charge his phone to call his boss. She tells him no and he needs to leave. Once he does, someone grabs her from behind and knocks her out with what is assumed to be a rag with chloroform.

After an addict’s meeting, Watson and Holmes come home to find a man upstairs naked. His name is Rhys (played by John Hannah), and he’s Holmes former drug dealer. Apparently his daughter , Emily, was kidnapped the night and a ransom has been sent to him requesting over two million dollars  If any law or government gets involved, his daughter will be killed So he goes to Holmes. Rhys said he had the money, which he stole from the Dominican drug cartel, but only has about two thousand left. Holmes decides he’ll help, which doesn’t necessarily sit well with Watson.

The trio first check Emily’s home and Holmes find a mark on the wall which signifies the Dominican drug cartel. They then go to a club that evening where the cartel hands out to find clues. Holmes confronts a man in the bathroom who happens to be undercover DEA. The DEA officer tells Holmes that no kidnapping took place. Holmes then finds a tweet by Emily saying she gave money to her step dad, which also turns out to be a dead end (no surprise there).

Later, at home, Rhys approaches Holmes and tells him that he used to be great at solving crimes… when he was using, and gives him examples. He then pulls out a bag of cocaine and gives it to Holmes, asking him to do it for Emily. Holmes is furious at Rhys but hides the drugs before Watson walks in. Holmes then leaves and decides to call his father and ask for the money as he can’t solve the crime. He tells Rhys the money has been procured and he did it less for Emily, but more to get Rhys out of his life forever.

Holmes then goes to meet the kidnappers to get Emily before having the money wire transferred, while the DEA agent who beat Holmes shows up at his home with information about finding Emily. At the meeting spot, Holmes is chased by three painters who are really members of the drug cartel: it was a trap. Holmes calls Watson and says he think the DEA agent is the one who did it, and Watson responds that she knows as the DEA agent has a gun pointed at her.

The DEA agent ties up Watson and Rhys while Holmes is able to give the drug cartel the slip. While waiting for Holmes return, Rhys is able to cut himself and Watson free. He attacks the guy, being shot in the process, but Joan is able to knock him out. Later, at the precinct, the DEA agent tells Gregson he was undercover and the story isn’t how Watson or Rhys says. Gregson tells him Holmes’ version and says it’ll be pretty tough for a former undercover DEA agent in prison; in which case, he talks.

Rhys makes it through surgery and is reunited with his daughter. At home, Holmes tells Watson that Rhys gave him cocaine to help him solve the case but that he didn’t use it. Watson asks if he wants to talk about it, which he says no. He thinks it’d be better shared at an addicts meeting… probably better than him talking about how he solved a crime like last time. He is going to go to a meeting and asks if she’d like to come along, which she does.

It was inevitable that Holmes would be confronted with the opportunity to take drugs again at some point, and how he would respond was up in the air. Sometimes he can seem so manic that, given a drug opportunity, it may seem clear he’d use them right away. Other times, there would be absolutely no way he’d take them. This episode provided a good test and gauge as to where he is in his rehab. It would be hard to find many more “pressing” points for Holmes to have his entire deductive skills available than to find a missing girl before she is killed. But he took the higher road and chose against the drugs. I still feel that somewhere down the road, he’ll use again. I mean it makes for good drama!

It was nice seeing John Hannah on screen again. He was last seen in the STARZ series, Spartacus. Hannah is a diverse actor and brings his whole craft to the role. Not that this role was a stretch for him, but it was well done nonetheless. This was also an episode where I, for one, didn’t see the kidnapper coming. I thought the DEA agent was clean long ago and didn’t think twice about him being the kidnapper. Just goes to show we can still be fooled. Point to you, Elementary writers!

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