E3: Microsoft on the Convention Floor


By: Matthew Goodman (@CreedsDelight)
Microsoft made their presence on the E3 floor big and bold with new hardware/accessories on display and demos of games like ReCoreDead Rising 4Sea of Thieves and Gears of War 4 for attendees to play. There was much to behold at Microsoft’s wing this year.


The hardware displayed was the new Xbox One S (which I talked about here) and its new controller. There was a lavish and colorful display of controllers from the new Xbox Design Lab that showed all the different customizing features that players can add to their controllers. There were also Windows 10 computers on display to promote Xbox One games being compatible with your Windows 10 processor.




Some of the displays that were featured included a giant life-size Xbox One controller from Rock Candy… I don’t think it worked. There was a miniature display of Winston from Overwatch, and a life size-display of one of the pirates in Sea of Thieves. The art displays for Halo Wars 2 and Gears of War 4 were incredible. The tagline for Gears is “Find Purpose in Sacrifice.” Powerful material.





I took a look at the ReCore demo and saw some terrific gameplay. I was surprised how smooth the game ran so far from release. Developers Armature Studio and Comcept put a life-size robotic dog from the game on display; it moved its head around with its bright blue eyes gazing at those who passed by.




Forza Horizon 3 had three different spots on the floor. First, there was a standard demo station that you use a controller with. Second, there was a VRX Racing Simulator compatible with the game that used a steering wheel controller and a mock car seat to sit in. Third, there was a beautiful Lamborghini on a 360º display.




More Xbox One Games on Display

Here is a handful of games that were also playable demos on the convention floor. Everyone seemed to be having a blast playing these games for the first time! Tomorrow I’ll be covering more on the ground floor at E3 – be sure to tune in!



For more news on E3, be sure to check out my coverage throughout the week on The Nerd Machine.

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