Dumb and Dumber To Review


By: Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)

We’re all used to sequels by now. If they’re based on a book series, it’s not unusual to get them every year; if they’re the next film in a superhero franchise, they can be expected every couple of years. Usually sequels aren’t as good as the originals, but once in a while they live up to peoples’ lofty expectations. Generally, it seems easier for action sequels to be more successful than comedy sequels. But what about a sequel that comes out 20 years after the original? Not that we see many of those, but the Farrelly brothers took on that challenge, bringing back the original actors to give us a ‘dumber’ film than before. Presenting the long awaited sequel to one of those comedy classics: Dumb & Dumber To.

For 20 years, Harry (Jeff Daniels) has been visiting his friend Lloyd (Jim Carrey) at a nursing home where he’s been comatose. Come to find out, Lloyd’s been acting the whole time. He’s not really comatose – it was for a gag. Now that the team is back together, it’s time to get on with their lives, until Harry receives a letter from his old flame, Fraida (Kathleen Turner) saying he has a child. Harry also has some health issues going on, so it’s in his best interest to find and meet his daughter for the first time. But finding her may be harder than they imagined, so they’ll need the help of their old dog mobile, some friendly faces along the way, and a little luck to outsmart those who would like to see them fail. But with the two geniuses that are Harry and Lloyd on a mission, do we even doubt that anything will go wrong?


Dumb & Dumber To is much like Dumb and Dumber: the comedy is the same, the slapstick humor is the same, the characters are the same – albeit they look like they’ve aged 20 years – and the story is pretty much the same. We have our guys out on a mission, but there are “bad guys” who want to prevent them from reaching their goal, and they inject themselves into Harry and Lloyd’s lives almost seamlessly with no detection from our lovable buffoons. Sound familiar? It should, as it’s the same story from before. But we tend to ignore the simplicity of such stories provided they are entertaining, and Dumb & Dumber To has plenty of laughs to go around. Of course, not every joke works, but for everyone that doesn’t, another does. And, in some cases, the humor is ramped up a few notches. I mean, it is a sequel – you have to aim for the stars to hit the expectations of your predecessor here.

Harry and Lloyd feel like they were made for Daniels and Carrey. I mean, can you really imagine anyone else playing these roles? The rest of the cast provides more stepping-stones to move the story along and allow these two comic geniuses shine. And shine they do. You almost have to wonder how much of the dialogue in the film is from script and how much of it was improvised during the take, with the director choosing to leave it in during the final cut instead of what was originally written. But such is the case with comedy and with two improvisers who can add to a scene by completely engrossing themselves into their characters. Other actors of note in the film include Rachel Melvin, playing the grown-up daughter of Harry, who is fun and quirky in her own way. I mean, would you expect anything less should Harry or Lloyd have a child? Also, Rob Riggle lends his comedic chops with highly positive results. I mean, can you really go wrong with Rob Riggle in your comedy? With a comedy, you need actors who can deliver; Carrey and Daniels can, and do.


Again, Dumb & Dumber To is more of the same. If you’ve seen the first, you’ve seen this one, and that may be alright for you. If you enjoyed the comedy before, you’ll enjoy it now. They push the envelope a little more, usually with the desired laughter outcome, and maybe a few cringe-worthy moments here and there. A lot of jokes don’t work, but a lot of them do. It isn’t epic on any level, but it isn’t a failure either. Is Dumb & Dumber To going to win any awards? No. Is it going to be a memorable as the first film? Probably not. Will you have laugh and enjoy yourself? Most likely.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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