Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Review


By: Ricky Strong (@strongricky)

Peace never lasts long in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Though it has been 17 years since a theatrical release in our world, the Z warriors have just started enjoying the calm after defeating Kid Buu and have yet to meet Uub (from the finale of the DBZ series). The nostalgic journey of Goku and gang provides lots of laughs, a little fighting, and some much improved animation; but was it worth the wait?

Forget Dragon Ball GT, because apparently it never happened. Battle of Gods takes place after Kid Buu’s defeat and before Goku meets Uub at the Word’s Martial Arts Tournament during the finale of the Dragon Ball Z series. Bulma is having a grand celebration for her birthday on Earth while on a distant star Beerus God of Destruction has awakened in anticipation of a worthy adversary for a God.

Battle of the Gods is really funny, and it does not feel like it has been 17 years since they made a DBZ movie. The characters feel familiar, and they do a great job of bringing in all the old fan favorites (Krillin!)¬†at Bulma’s birthday party, something Dragon Ball GT failed miserably at. They waste no time in giving the fans a taste of classic DBZ fighting, with Goku going straight to Super Saiyan 3.

I love the crisp visuals in Battle of Gods, but I wasn’t very fond of the CGI scenes. During the big fight toward the end of the movie there is a lot of CGI and it felt out of place to me. I was a little disappointed that the trailer for Battle of Gods revealed so much about the movie that I was very let down with Goku’s God level. Red hair, that is all they did. All the press images and the trailer already spoiled that anyway.

It is difficult to make an epic DBZ story like the Frieza saga or Cell saga in a 1 hour 30 minute feature film. The movie is 1 hour of comedy and 30 minutes of fighting if I am being generous. That being said, I really enjoyed that first hour of comedy, because it was DBZ down to a science. Yes, I was a little let down that the movie didn’t feel significant, but it was an excellent outing to be so far removed in years from the last feature film and the series.

DBZ: Battle of Gods is a must watch for nostalgia alone. Though it isn’t the best DBZ story ever told, it is packed with the humor fans of the series love and it is always great to see old friends again! The Blu-Ray and DVD releases of the film will be released on October 7, 2014 with 20 minutes of never before seen footage and 30 minutes of extra features. You can pre-order Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods here.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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