Destiny Review (PS4)


By: Ricky Strong(@strongricky)

Once in awhile a game comes along that transcends the gaming genre. A $500 million launch day solidified Destiny as one of those games, but is it any good?

Destiny is the new IP from Bungie, creators of the immensely popular Halo series. Destiny is essentially a massive multiplayer online first person shooter (think World of Warcraft X, Halo). You have a not-so-social hub world, The Tower, where you find new quests, buy items, and can meet up with friends. There are also multiple planets to explore, like Venus and Mars, throughout the story mode.


In Destiny, you play as one of numerous Guardians, people with the light of The Traveler within them. You have a companion called a Ghost, voiced by Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage. Your Ghost guides you in progressing through story missions and when the touchpad on the DualShock 4 is pressed, it shows you waypoint markers and side mission markers during patrols.

The Traveler is a gigantic sphere that hovers over Earth after it “sacrificed” itself to save humanity from The Darkness. When The Traveler was found on Mars, and Earth went through a Golden Age and allowed for colonization of other planets. The Traveler created numerous Ghosts as it died during the fall of the Golden Age. Humanity’s last settlement is in the shadow of The Traveler in what was formerly Russia.


The initial character creation is excellent. You are presented with three different classes (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock), each with different abilities, and then three different races (Human, Awoken, and Exo), each with a gender choice. There are a myriad of options to choose from when customizing your character to make them feel like your own. My exo looks like a cyborg-like Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy so needless to say, he looks awesome.

Story mode is your first stop, so if you want to dive into some PvP multiplayer, you have to do the first few story missions first. Multiplayer is available once you receive a Crucible invitation that you need to turn into a merchant at The Tower. Destiny also features Patrol missions that basically let you free roam and do side missions on each planet, Strikes are three person fireteam cooperative missions that put your team up against numerous waves of enemies and bosses, and Raids are six person fireteam missions available to high level players that are basically like Strike missions except there are no waypoints and you are not told what to do. Strike missions support matchmaking and raids do not at this time.


The story of Destiny is probably the biggest aspect that feels like a Halo game. Anyone who has played through Halo campaigns will definitely be able to tell that Bungie made Destiny. That is not a bad thing, though, because it is fun, albeit flat sci-fi story. You run from point to point destroying waves of enemies while your Ghost narrates and leads you to your next objective. Destiny is even more fun when you are playing through the story cooperatively with friends. Reason being is the load times are really bad and your friends can distract you from watching a space ship float on your screen for what feels like an eternity, especially when you are going back to The Tower.

The Crucible, a.k.a. competitive multiplayer, is easy to forget about but is a lot of fun when you remember it’s there. Your character’s armor, weapons, and abilities carry over from story mode to the competitive multiplayer. The first time you enter The Crucible, only the domination style mode is open with the other modes unlocking after you complete a match in the preceding mode. For example, complete a match in Control and Clash unlocks then complete a round of Clash and Skirmish unlocks.


The Crucible is my favorite aspect of Destiny thus far. I have been playing a lot of Control because it doesn’t feel like the matches are unbalanced when some of your opponents are level 20. You earn experience and loot for you character the same as if you were playing story mode.

I only have two complaints with Destiny so far. The menus are very hard to get accustomed to and it is a little difficult to find your way around levels. Destiny never explains the menu system to you, so you just have to sit and look through everything to understand what is going on. The map situation, on the other hand, is absurd. The Tower is the only place with a map and you can only access it by talking to random robots standing around. Earth = no map, Moon = no map, Mars = no map….you get the point. The only way to get a good visualization of where you need to be going is by pressing on the touch pad on the controller and that only makes your waypoint a little more noticeable.


The replay value of Destiny is out of this world and should automatically put it in contention for Game of the Year. Add in excellent visuals, tight controls, and the fact that Destiny is just plain fun. With numerous expansions in the pipeline, Destiny should be around for a long time. Did I mention that you can have dance parties?

Rating: 9 out of 10

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