Defiance: The Serpent’s Egg


by Ashley Binion

“The Serpent’s Egg” was more of a stand-alone episode with notable absences from the McCawley and Tarr families. But the episode featured a good old highway robbery that reminiscent of the Wild West.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode began with Alek, as the town’s radio deejay, informing the citizens that a land coach arrived, aka a bus or a modern version of a stagecoach. Apparently it’s their only real contact with the outside world and how people and goods come into the city. Having Alek as the town deejay and not so attached to his parents was a step in the right direction for his character.

Both Nolan and Amanda left on the coach. Nolan was transporting Rynn, the Irathient who killed her parent’s murders with Hellbugs in “The Devil in the Dark,” while Amanda left with the money to build the high speed rail mentioned in “A Well Respected Man.”

While on their way, they were victims of a highway robbery and Rynn’s failed escape attempt. She eventually saved the lawkeeper, the mayor, and the money. As a result, she was rewarded by being set free.

With the exception of Alek and a brief appearance of Christie McCawley, the Tarr and McCawley families were largely absent from the canvas.

With their absence, the episode was left with a hole that wasn’t quite filled. They tried to fill the villain role with the ambassador from the Earth Republic, Olfin Tennety. The Earth Republic was briefly mentioned in “A Well Respected Man,” and this episode expanded a little more on the organization by introducing the audience to one of their ambassadors.

The ambassador ended up being the source that leaked what was on the coach to the raiders. She wanted to collect the insurance money from the death of her two husbands and get a promotion from Defiance losing their money and becoming a customer of the Earth Republic. To me it sounded as if the organization is a loan service, but I could be way off base. And Amanda once worked for the company in New York.

I liked how they name dropped some cities outside of Defiance that have seemed to survive Arkfall, the coming of the aliens, like Yuma, Vegas, and New York.

Another note on the ambassador, she was a polygamist and had two husbands, which was an interesting plot twist. It seemed as if polygamy is common in the new world, and not to mention legal. Amanda and Nolan had an interesting and revealing conversation about their view on the concept of polygamy.

Irisa’s storyline this week focused on her troubled past and torturing a man who performed rituals, with the consent of her parents, on her to see if she was the “Chosen One.” Her flashback toward the end of the episode showed when Nolan saved her from the ritual and from her parents in the process.

The pacing of this episode greatly improved. In the last few episodes, there was some times where certain aspects dragged along. However, the bus’ highway robbery was much better paced, and much more interesting than Irisa and Tommy’s storyline.

This episode was more of a stand-alone adventure, with little attachment to the overall mythology. Although, the end of the episode with the ambassador wanting to discover dirt on the mayor was a nice hook that could end up playing out on a larger scale later in the season and possibly the series.

What did you think of “The Serpent’s Egg?”

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. JoMay 18th, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    I really loved the Tommy and Irisa parts, but that’s only because I ship them. I ship them hard! Great review!

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