Defiance: I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times


by Ashley Binion

One of the greatest devices a show has is to insert a new and completely unaware character onto the canvas. This allows the audience to have someone they can relate to, especially early in the series. Defiance did just that in this episode, and dare I say, this was my favorite episode of the series to date.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In 2013, a group of NASA astronauts from the International Space Station were killed, or so the American people thought. In the beginning of the episode, Nolan and deputy Tommy, who has absolutely no relevance to the series, went to investigate the piece of the Ark that fell in the previous episode. While there they found one of the NASA astronauts, Gordon McClintock, still alive from being cryogenically frozen.

Just imagine waking decades later up to a world that is so drastically different from the one you left. No more air travel because of the high levels of radiation, aliens live among you, and the probability of your family being alive are slim to none. It was entertaining watching Nolan, Rafe, and Amanda talk to him about the new world and what happened while he was gone. Including a movie made depicting the astronaut’s tale, in which he was portrayed by Robert Pattinson (and on cue a Twilight joke). It was the first time the show made reference to real world pop culture. This little interaction endeared the trio more to me as a viewer.

Doc Ywell was given more attention due to the fact that she was on the Voltan scientist team during the Pale Wars. Hopefully soon the audience will learn more about the Pale Wars, so far we have only had glimpses of this war that was so devastating it reshaped Earth.

She knew the whole time what Gordon was, an Indogene spy. During all of this, it was hilarious that the only thing Ywell seemed annoyed about was that her handiwork had malfunctioned. Even though the doctor has only been featured a few times, she is quickly becoming my favorite character. Her character has so much potential, with a complex backstory to hopefully be revealed.

After trying to assassinate the mayor, he escaped custody and found his wife. Finding out he wasn’t human opened up a discussion to what defines humanity. Even though it wasn’t really Gordon, it was still a touching moment seeing the two reunited.

Kenya and Stahma continued their affair unbeknownst to Datak. He sure wasn’t pleased when she refused to service him as a client. Obviously, he won’t take it well considering he almost flipped out because his wife was taking a bath by herself.

The Earth Republic continued to attempt to reign in the mayor, they went so far as to say she isn’t safe as long as she continues being mayor. The whole conflict between the empire and the small town is quite compelling to watch and will only continue to grow when the Voltanis Collective becomes involved.

The closing scene got me excited for the next episode: the town has a plague on its hands. Dun, dun, dun…

How long will it take for Datak to find out about his wife and Kenya? Are there more Indogene spies out there?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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